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As an online business coach, you spend countless hours helping clients achieve their goals. So, it’s important to have the right tools to help yourself.

Whether you’re juggling a steady stream of clients or coaching as a side hustle, you’ll need to automate those time-consuming business management tasks, like client messaging, contracts, and appointment reminders. That’s why successful business coaches use intuitive apps like PocketSuite to grow their businesses. 

If you’re on the hunt for software to streamline your workflow, keep reading. We dive into essential features you’ll need to run your online coaching business. 

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How do I start my own online coaching business?

To get started as an online business coach, you’ll need the following:

  • Qualifications: The coaching market is competitive. Clients are looking for impressive and industry-specific qualifications, whether that be years of experience in your field, a degree in business management, or a business coach certification. Coaches come from all sorts of professional backgrounds. The key is how you differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Passion: You need a passion for guiding clients to their professional goals. This can change from client to client, like helping business owners develop their brand voice one day to creating team workflows the next. So, your “why” should be strong enough to handle the ambiguity of the job.
  • Platform: Whether your business is fully or partially online, it’s important to shop around for reliable software to manage your clients and organize your workflow. A business coaching app creates a professional experience for you and your clients and makes it easier for you to focus on doing what you love.

What platform do online coaches use?

Online business coaches typically choose between course-based platforms, coaching marketplaces, or booking apps to run their businesses.

However, course-based platforms don’t usually provide solutions for scheduling appointments and communicating with clients. And coaching marketplaces force you to compete with low rates for high-risk clients while taking a percentage of your earnings.  

To build a long-lasting coaching business without any of the extra hassles, you’ll need an all-in-one booking app like PocketSuite.

The Best App for Business Coaches

Here’s why PocketSuite is the best platform for an online business coach.

#1 Automated Forms and Contracts 

You’re an online business coach, and you have to look the part, i.e., you’ll need the right documentation. Forms and contracts are essential to growing a successful online coaching business. But they can be a pain to manage. Your booking platform should do most of the heavy lifting. 

For example, forms are the easiest way to collect important information about your clients. With PocketSuite, you can create intake forms to learn about your client’s business history, career goals, and roadblocks. So, when the first session arrives, you’ll be prepared to jump in. 

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On the other hand, contracts protect your business and your clients from miscommunication.  You can create payment authorization contracts and liability waivers in the PocketSuite app and have your clients sign them when they book you online. We even have industry specific-templates to get you set up in minutes.

#2 Simple Online Payments 

As an online business coach, you need a quick and effective way to accept payments via the Internet. Look no further, you can accept online payments using the PocketSuite app. 

Clients can pay for your services through your booking site and even put down a deposit at booking. And, if you have in-person sessions, we offer multiple payment methods like tap-to-pay and card readers. 

Also, we understand that your time is valuable. You can set a cancellation policy in the PocketSuite app, so your clients will automatically be charged if they’re late or miss an appointment. 

#3 Flexible Appointment Scheduling

Timing is essential for business coaches and their clients. Your client may be serving dozens (or hundreds) of clients themselves. They likely sought out your services because they were struggling to find time to focus on their own business. You want to give them flexibility in your appointments and availability. 

So, whether clients book a discovery call, 1:1 session, or group class, scheduling automation is a must. On PocketSuite, your clients are free to book you online at their will. And you can set buffer and lead times to give you some breathing room between sessions. Your calendar and availability are automatically updated to reflect your bookings. You can confirm appointments and collect deposits in minutes.  

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#4 Streamlined Online Course Sales

Courses have taken over the online marketplace. And they can double your revenue as an online business coach. You can create and sell courses as products on your PocketSuite booking site. Clients can purchase them as stand-alone products or as add-on items when booking your services.

And why stop at courses? You can create other digital products to offer clients and increase your profits. Maybe you have a template for developing productivity systems or an ebook on organizing business operations. When it comes to online products, the sky’s the limit.

#5 Group Coaching Solutions

As an online business coach, you likely diversify your services by offering group coaching sessions. Maybe you host weekly anxiety in the workplace class or a 5-week series on client retention.

PocketSuite makes it easy to create classes to facilitate your group coaching sessions. Classes can be scheduled as easily as single services through your customized booking site. You can set a cap on the number of students that can join the group and add a video conferencing link to the appointment.

#6 Packages and Subscriptions 

Business coaching is rarely a one-and-done service. As an online coach, you’ll see a single client for multiple sessions over months or even years. You need a platform that can streamline this process. 

At PocketSuite, you can create repeat appointments or bundle your services as a package or subscription. With packages, you make more money from a single sale. Perhaps your clients will pay upfront for  5 1:1 coaching sessions. And with subscriptions, clients can pay monthly for a certain amount of sessions with you. 

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Here’s a tip: Treat subscriptions like membership in your coaching community.  Give these clients access to special content and promotions.

Either way, you’re sure to retain more clients and earn more money.

#7 Automated Text Marketing

With the highest deliverability rates in the industry, text marketing is a must to grow as an online business coach. PocketSuite makes it easy to follow up and reconnect with clients via text using our Smart Campaigns feature. For example, you can send automated text campaigns to remind clients to rebook you or announce a promotion on your online course. 

Do online coaches make money?

Absolutely! There are thousands of entrepreneurs looking for guidance to launch their businesses or crush their professional goals. And they’re willing to pay for a stellar online business coach. 

With online business coaching, there’s no limit to expanding your client base. You can work with clients across the country without ever leaving your home. That means more money in your pocket and less overhead costs. 

Business coaches usually make between $74 – $107k annually. And the market is only expected to grow. With time and effort, you can become a six-figure business coach. 

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The Bottom Line

To become a six-figure business coach, you’ll need a loyal client base, impressive qualifications, and an initiative booking platform. From automating contracts to accepting payments to selling courses, PocketSuite has all the tools you need to grow an online coaching business.