Regular Income

Auto-charge your client’s on a regular basis as part of a subscription or membership plan.

Track Sessions for Each Client

Attach a package to a subscription to allow a specific number of sessions with each payment. Track how many the client has used and has left.

Add Subscriptions or Memberships to Sell

Create any billing plan. Specify details like the $ amount, frequency, and # of payments.

Add Enrollment Fees, Discounts & Promotions

Add setup fees that are charged automatically when the subscription plan is purchased. You can also add discounts to any subscription.


If clients are on subscriptions or have bought packages from me that are still active, how do I transition them over to the new booking system? Do I need to collect their credit card information again?

You can simply book them for their remaining sessions in the PocketSuite system and update the price of the appointment to $0 since they have already prepaid for this based on their active subscription or package. Their credit card information is not transferable so if you would like to collect their credit card information again, you’ll want to request this information from clients or under settings > scheduling > set it to require credit card.