PocketSuite for Emerging Franchise Brands

One system to onboard, manage and optimize your franchise portfolio


PocketSuite provides emerging franchise concepts with a plug-and-play platform that ensures new franchises are set up for success.  PocketSuite’s Franchise Edition  provides both franchisors and their franchisees with seamless reporting, and data analytics across multiple locations.  Franchisees benefit by having a unified platform to  handle new client acquisition, on-boarding,  bookings, payments, and schedule management.

PocketSuite helps high growth service-based  franchise brands in the following ways. First, PocketSuite creates a seamless booking experience for all customers on both mobile and desktop. The software can automatically take credit card payments, deposits, enforce no-show policies, and set up subscriptions and packages. Second, the records of bookings, payments, and scheduling that come through the app can be automatically exported for franchisors for timely and accurate portfolio management and reporting.

What We Offer Franchisors


Setting Up Franchisees for Success

PocketSuite’s Franchise Edition provides you with a fully configurable software solution.  The operational requirements detailed in your Operations Manual will be pre-set in your Franchise Edition of PocketSuite.  This means your franchisees will be up and running quickly, and how they run their business will reflect your brand and your mission.  Your PocketSuite Franchise Edition configuration includes:

  • Services
  • Prices (recommended)
  • Scheduling
  • Contracts
  • Forms
  • Packages
  • Subscriptions
  • Reports
  • Saved Message Templates
  • Marketing Automations

Lead Capture and Routing

PocketSuite has an innovative system to capture leads with online forms and route them to the correct franchise location. You can set up custom fields to capture information on all new prospective clients so that all of your franchise locations have everything they need to complete that sale.

Furthermore, you will have lead to paying-client conversion tracking so you and your franchisees can optimize your sales funnel and make more sales.

If you are a quickly growing franchise concept, this tool can also help you field franchisee prospects and automatically follow up and get the information you need from each prospect quickly with custom fields. It’s a great system for managing leads of all kinds.

Franchise Royalty & Commission Collection

One core process every franchisor has to get right is a seamless and accurate system for franchise royalty collection. PocketSuite creates a great system that automatically creates more accurate records with less work for both franchisor and franchisee. PocketSuite can both accurately track income through our software and also automate royalty fee collections based on those revenues running through the booking and payments system.  It’s a great way to improve efficiency and time spent on providing services rather than business administration.

  • Franchise royalty fee income tracking
  • Royalty fee collections (automatic debit payments)
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
  • QuickBooks Integration

What We Offer Franchisees


PocketSuite offers an all-in-one bookings, scheduling, payments, and business administration system for service-based businesses to grow and thrive. The platform provides franchisees with  a seamless booking flow that  tracks online leads, confirms bookings online, onboards new clients with pre-set  contracts, intake forms and liability waivers that can be executed digitally in-app,  and provides 2-way text or email messaging so that you can easily communicate with your clients and prospects.  We also help you grow your income by providing a suite of marketing tools and automations. That is the PocketSuite difference!

For a complete presentation of the presets and recommendations PocketSuite has for your industry, request a PocketSuite demo by writing to this email: franchise@pocketsuite.io.