Schedule Clients Instantly

Sync your calendar (iCal, Google, Outlook, etc.) and begin scheduling clients for private appointments or classes instantly.

Schedule Group Classes

List your classes online and make it easy for clients to book, pay deposits, and confirm with a credit card.

Automate Appointment Reminders

Setup automated reminders and reduce the time you spend sending messages to clients about upcoming appointments.

Check Out Different Calendar Views

View your calendar for upcoming appointments by day, by week, and by month.

Add Online Booking

Get booked anywhere, anytime – on your website, Instagram, Facebook, etc. – by adding a BOOK NOW button, which will list all services, show your availability, and allow you to accept credit cards and payment online.

Custom Scheduling

Include your preferences to make your day easier - add buffer and travel times, booking lead times, appointment confirmation requirements.

Cancellation Policy

Set your cancellation policy and clients will see it when booking - avoid late cancellations and no shows. Cancellations outside of your policy will be automatically charged a cancellation fee.

Default Memo

Include special instructions in default appointment memos. They will appear on the appointment and in appointment reminder messages.


How do I set up my business availability so clients know when they can book me?

  • To set up your business hours, tap on settings > scheduling > my hours.
  • If a service is only offered during specific hours, you can specify the hours under the service’s settings > schedule > availability.
  • If you need to block specific time slots within your business hours, use the Block out time function by tapping ‘+’ from the calendar page.
  • If you are having Scheduling issues, learn more here.

How do I sync my personal calendar and my PocketSuite business calendar?

  • To start, tap on settings > calendar sync.
  • You will be prompted with 2 options (you will not be able to select both): 1) Direct integration with Google Calendar (you may add more than one google account) OR 2) Connect to other calendars (such as iCal, Outlook, etc).

Can I limit how far in advance clients can book me?

  • To set how much advance notice you would like from clients when they book an appointment, use the Lead Time feature. If you accept walk-in clients (no advance notice) or allow clients to book you for your next available appointment, you will want to select “no lead time”.
  • To limit how far in advance clients are able to book an appointment with you, use the Can’t Book Beyond feature located under settings > scheduling.

How do I ensure that I have some time between appointments, so I am not booked back to back?

Use the buffer time feature under settings > scheduling to set time between appointments. You can also use calendar blocks to prevent clients from booking you during certain times. See Calendar FAQ for details on how to block out time between appointments.

Can I add a lunch break and block time for personal appointments during the day?

Yes! Tap the calendar icon, then the date you want to add the block, then tap ‘block out time’. If you have repeating appointments turned on under settings > features, you can also create a recurring block. See Calendar FAQ.

Can I set up standard business hours but limit when clients can book me for certain services?

Yes! If a service is only offered on specific days or times, specify this under the Availability setting in the Settings > Services > Service Name > Schedule menu. See more on how to restrict client bookings at specific times.

How do I avoid double bookings?

  • First, ensure the toggle for “Allow double bookings” is off under Scheduling settings.
  • Then, sync your device calendar with your PocketSuite calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts like double bookings. See how to add and sync your device calendar with PocketSuite.

Will my client’s credit card be on file?

  • See Accepting Payments and Online Payments. Here, client credit card information is not saved. See Setting cancellation/no-show policy. To ensure the system can enforce your cancellation policy, you’ll need to require a credit card for all bookings. You can set that requirement by going to Settings > Scheduling > Require CC > Always > Save.
  • You can also set up PocketSuite to have clients pay deposits when booking appointments. If you have a deposit set on your appointment, the late fee will first be deducted from the deposit and if there is a remaining balance, the client’s card will be charged automatically. If the late fee equals the price of the deposit, there will be no additional charge to the client’s card. 
  • If you want to have your client’s card on file and attached to their profile, you will need to request authorization from the client. Once the client has a payment method on file, you can simply charge the client for their appointments, items purchased, etc. 

How do I schedule a client appointment? What are the steps?

What are the steps that my clients take to book an appointment with me?

  • Once you set up Online Booking, you can accept bookings at your user link, or use your website Online Booking widget, or your Facebook Online Booking widget to have clients book an appointment. 
  • You can also use Messaging to send an Online Booking link to clients so they can self-book an appointment.
  • Once online booking is enabled, you’ll get a text message with your new booking link. To customize your link, head to Settings>Business and enter a username. You’ll then get a new text with the new, custom link.
  • You can also add questions for clients to answer before finishing checkout. See Online Booking setup with instructions and an informational video.

How do I edit a confirmed appointment?

On the appointment screen, tap on edit on the top right hand corner. Once you have made your changes, tap on next and send the updated confirmation to the client.

What's the best way to reschedule a client appointment?

On the appointment screen, tap on edit on the top right hand corner. Once you have made your changes, tap on next and send the updated confirmation to the client. The edit screen allows the pro to make scheduling changes, payment changes, etc.

How do I cancel a client appointment?

On the appointment screen, tap on the cancel button.

What should I do when my client cancels our appointment?

How frequently should my clients be booking me?

  • How often your clients book appointments will depend on your industry. If you offer a private limousine service, you may see a client once or twice a year, while if you run an in-home hair salon, then you may see clients once every few weeks. You can also offer Classes, Packages and recurring Subscriptions from PocketSuite to create new types of revenue streams for your business.
  • Consider updating the Services you offer through PocketSuite with promotional messaging to attract new clients and entice existing clients to book an appointment.