PocketSuite Affiliate Program

Do you know someone who you think would benefit from running their business on PocketSuite? Now you can let them know and earn cash with the PocketSuite Affiliate program by helping friends and followers discover an all-in-one business app that will help them grow.

The PocketSuite Affiliate Program is a referral-based program for you to make extra passive income. All you have to do is share your unique Affiliate link. When someone uses your link to sign up and starts using PocketSuite, you will earn money. It’s as simple as that. Your affiliate link is easy to text a friend or share online or on social media.

The best part about our affiliate program, is that we know that every independent pro who uses PocketSuite starts to do better- making an average of 30% more within 90 days of downloading the app through all the great work efficiencies. So when you send out your affiliate link, you’ll also be helping friends and social media followers to succeed in their business.

How Can I Become a PocketSuite Affiliate?

You don’t have to be an influencer to be a PocketSuite affiliate. All of our Pros who meet our minimum qualifications are eligible to join.

*Minimum Qualifications*

    • Be an active PocketSuite Pro! This means you are using the app to book clients and get paid.

    • Process $2,000 worth of payments each month through the app. If you regularly use PocketSuite to process your business payments, you will meet our requirements just as you get familiar enough with our product to recommend it with confidence.

That’s everything you need to do to earn money as a PocketSuite affiliate.

If you haven’t met the minimum qualifications yet, no need to worry! When you run your business on PocketSuite, you will hit this threshold in no time. We are even here to help you grow your business. No matter if you are brand new to the platform or someone who has maybe been using PocketSuite for a while but aren’t using all of the available features, we invite you to check out our PocketSuite Academy to help you learn how to efficiently use the app to 10x your income potential!

how can i become a PocketSuite affiliate

How to Earn From the PocketSuite Affiliate Program

All you have to do is be a mentor to other small business owners by telling them about a tool you already love. For every successful referral you make, we’ll put $15 cash into your verified PocketSuite account at the end of the month.

Now that you know how to become an affiliate, let’s discuss the perks.

As a PocketSuite affiliate, you can earn up to $50 for each new PocketSuite Pro who signs up with your affiliate link. With this program, you have an unlimited earning potential, and we make it easy with 11-Star marketing support to reduce your workload and maximize your earnings potential.

Every new Pro who comes in through your link will be eligible for $50 off a yearly plan, a discount only offered through our affiliates. When they take advantage of these savings, you will also earn $50. This offer will be live on their PocketSuite homepage for 60 days.

Even if your referral doesn’t want to sign up for the annual plan, you will still earn $15 for everyone who is successfully onboarded with their first payout.

Payouts are made every month, by the 15th of the month following onboarding, directly into your PocketSuite account.

how to earn money from the pocketsuite affiliate program

Tracking your referrals is easy.

You’ll see the Refer PocketSuite options right in your in-app settings. This is where you can get your unique link to share, view tips for success, track your pending rewards and payouts, and see all your active subscribers.

How to Be Successful as a PocketSuite Affiliate

We are successful when you are successful, so we want to give you all the tools you need to succeed and make money with our affiliate program.

When you become an affiliate, we will add you to our exclusive affiliate email list. This will ensure that you receive our affiliate marketing emails packed with tips and tricks, content ideas, talking points, and all of our new app update information to share with your audience.

You don’t have to wait for this email to get started. We have some key talking points you can use right here:

Affiliate Program Talking Points

    • PocketSuite is $24.99 per month for an individual plan or $299.88 for the entire year.

    • The annual plan, with the $50 affiliate discount for anyone who signs up with your unique link, comes to $249.88 for the entire year!

    • This is the lowest price point for any premium booking software.

    • New referrals have up to 60 days from signing up to take advantage of these savings.

Tips for Successful Affiliates

    • Share your referral link on your most active social media platforms.

    • Talk about PocketSuite on your website and direct readers to your affiliate link to get the savings.
    • Add your affiliate link to the signature bar of your emails and to your Suite Link or other one link tool on Instagram and TikTok.

    • Send an email to your email list letting them know about the $50 savings on your favorite booking and payments software.

    • Talk about this special deal at conventions or expos you attend with other professionals.

    • Always properly disclose that this is an affiliate link.

Are you ready to start earning more with PocketSuite?

Join our affiliate program today! If you have met the minimum qualifications, you are already automatically added into the program. So there’s no work to do on your part! If you aren’t sure, you can always reach out to our customer care team to confirm. Once you are an affiliate, you will be able to see and track all of your subscribers right in your PocketSuite dashboard.