Explore what features you’d like to unlock, and customize

PocketSuite to fit your business needs:


Easily add a discount to any client invoice, appointment or charge when collecting payment.

Sales Tax

Add the appropriate sales tax to any invoice, appointment or charge based on your zip code.


Add a convenience fee on any client payments. All processing fees will be passed on to clients.


Give clients the ability to easily add gratuity on appointments or invoices when paying you online.


Save custom fields (detailed questions, etc.) for clients to fill out when booking you online.


Build up your leads list and add client forms directly to your website.


Add questionnaires (or surveys) in PocketSuite and send to clients for them to fill out online.

Group messaging

Send bulk text messages to up to 20 clients. Promote deals, say happy holidays, etc. – all via text!


Add any members of your staff to PocketSuite. Schedule workers & send them direct payments.

Recurring appointments

Schedule a recurring or a custom group of appointments with clients in one fell swoop.

Multi services

Add on more than 1 service to an appointment when scheduling any client.


Schedule overnight and multi-day appointments with clients, and sync directly to your calendar.


Send professional job estimates to clients via text message or email. Easily convert to invoices 🙂


Bundle your services & sell them upfront in bulk Easily schedule & track your client’s sessions.


Set any client up on a recurring payment plan. Auto charge your client’s card on a recurring basis.


Set up & schedule clients into group classes listed on your calendar.

Online booking

Integrate an online scheduling widget to your website. Clients can book & pay you online.

Suite link

Organize all of your web links in one place with Suite link. A landing page with all of your online marketing (e.g., booking button, website, social media, online chat, and more!)

Want more than just a POS, invoicing & scheduling?