Schedule, Pay, Message, & Manage Your Team

Team Management - All From Your Phone

Set Roles

Onboard your team members and customize what they can see and do in the app.


Show Availability

Sync team members’ calendars to avoid double bookings and save time scheduling.


Assign Jobs

Assign jobs or enable automatic team member scheduling.


Receive Job Check In/Out Notifications

Track team member arrival and departure times with geo-mapped selfie photos. Send automatic check in / check out notifications to clients.

Flexible Payroll - Hassle Free

Create Custom Pay Rates

Set fixed, percentage or hourly rates and create standard or custom pay rates for each team member.


Auto-Calculate Payroll & Payouts

Automate payroll calculations using your pay rates. Also, feel free to make one-off payments to team members – anytime.


Two-Tap Payroll Processing

Tap twice and your team member is paid. No more payroll headaches and delays. It’s super easy.


Pay Hourly Workers with Check In/Out & Review Payroll Reports

Review actual hours worked with check in/out and pay hourly workers. Access real time & historical payroll reports for all team members.

Messaging & Reminders - Communicate, Collaborate & Coordinate

Send Text Messaging

Communicate with secure, professional messages with all or individual team members.


Use Saved Messages

Save responses to common messages and send anytime to clients & team members (i.e., driving directions, holiday schedule, orientation materials).


Receive Reminders & Notifications

Team members receive automatic reminders for appointments, upcoming jobs, check-in/check-out, and tasks.


Communicate with Group Messages

Send your whole team or specific team members an announcement, feedback, update or special recognition.

Manage & Monitor Your Team

View Calendar

Check team member bookings anytime and easily block or schedule time on their calendars.


Create Tasks

Create tasks, assign to team members, and set deadlines that are automatically added to team member calendars.


View Inbox

Monitor team member messaging with clients and other team members to stay current on direct client communication.


Onboard New Team Members

Take 2 minutes to add a new team member to your account - set role, pay rate, schedule, and more. They automatically receive a personalized welcome and setup video from you.

Remove Team Members

Swipe left and remove any team member from your account. Hassle free offboarding. All of their appointment and activity data stays in your account and team member loses access instantly.