Clients, appointments, payments & messaging – in 1 app.

“Online booking has saved me! Evaluation consultations used to be ridden with client cancellations. Now all my clients put a credit card down when they schedule time with me so I never lose out on no shows or cancellations pop up.”

– Beverly U.


Beverly Ulbrich Dog Trainer

“Hands down the greatest app ever created for business owners. Anything you need you text them and a real human actually texts you back super fast. It’s incredible. This apps selling point was to help you spend more time with your clients and less behind a desk so that you can grow. My business has grown so much that I spend my time with my amazing teammates that I’ve been able to hire and running my businesses more now than ever. PocketSuite is an irreplaceable part of my team. Perfect.”

– Kris T.


Kris Taylor Dog Trainer
Client Profile - Dog Training

The headache of spreadsheets ends today

Keep all your client history and note-taking in one location – that’s mobile. Track your client’s session history, payment history, dog notes, including immunization and vaccination records, and more. Automatically import your client contacts so you can start scheduling client appointments and collecting payments.

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Calendar - Dog Training

Save hours scheduling training sessions with your clients

An elegant (and mobile) calendar makes scheduling & rescheduling fun! Schedule private or group classes and packages/programs that are specific to YOUR business. Integrate online booking to accept bookings from your website and social media pages. Avoid being double-booked by syncing your calendar to PocketSuite. Clients can complete your Covid-19 and other intake forms as well as sign waivers online while booking you.

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Payment - Dog Training

Never miss a single payment

Collect deposits, send invoices, complete and charge clients – all for a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee. Reduce your costs, and track every payment by client. No Square swiper or clunky PayPal logins necessary. If you need one, you can use PocketSuite’s POS Card Reader to checkout clients even faster. Let us know who you are and tell us where to deposit your payments. Cash-out instantly and receive funds in your account in 15 minutes.

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Communication - Dog Training

Other trainers on your team?

Have partners, admins, trainers who work for you? Invite them to join your team and easily view/manage all your team, payments and transactions.

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Thousands of dog trainers use PocketSuite to build better relationships with their clients

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