Import & Save Your Contracts

Add any contract or waiver you use directly to PocketSuite with your very own signature and add an invoice for immediate sending after the contract is signed.

Make Contracts Dynamic

Edit any contract you import to include dynamic fields, so all fields update with the specific client and transaction information relating to each contract.

Send Contracts for Signature

Choose to have contracts delivered via email or text message. They will be formatted into PDF documents for organized and professional delivery.

Convenient Client E-Signing

Clients get notified in real-time with any contract or waiver sent and can review and easily sign with a finger straight from their smartphone.

Attach Contracts to Invoices, Appointments and More

Attach any contract when sending an invoice or an appointment to a client. Clients are prompted to e-sign the contract prior to checkout.


Can I have clients sign a waiver or contract when they book me?

  • Yes! You can use the Contracts feature to set up liability waivers, cancellation policies and other legal agreements as needed – so you and your clients have a mutual understanding. See more about setting up Contracts on PocketSuite.
  • See also separately using Forms to collect valuable information from clients prior to booking an appointment or service to manage expectations of the contract.

Are there sample contracts within PocketSuite that I can use?

Yes, for your industry, we have included default contracts in PocketSuite that you can use as is or simply edit, save, and use.

How can I create or upload my own contract?

  • To get started, be sure the feature is turned on under settings > features > contracts.
  • You’ll then have a contracts tab in your settings page. Depending on the industry that you have selected, we have added pre-created contracts for you to simply use “as is” or edit to better fit your business. To create a new contract > Tap +.
  • Email with your contract in an editable format (such as Microsoft Word or a PDF) and we can upload them for you!

How many contracts can I have in PocketSuite?

There is no limit on the number of contracts that you can have on PocketSuite. Keep in mind as a best practice; however, the length of the contract and how that can affect your client’s experience.