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My bookkeeping is streamlined and I love that it’s all at my fingertips in an app. Since using PocketSuite I’ve never had a “no show” with a client due to automated reminders.

— Kimberley Joy Morgan

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Trea Cotton

“The impact is in how versatile it is. It meets every need that I have. I’ve been with y’all a good while…PocketSuite is very affordable, versatile, fits all of my needs and everything. I started growing and I like it. Every time somebody asks me, how did I do it, I always mention PocketSuite.”

— Trea Cotton

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I tell people with their own business about it – even people with totally different businesses. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love it cause it’s my virtual assistant.’

— Luciane Powell

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“Basically [it’s a] one-stop shop. With the amount of features that you have available on there for video conferencing and taking care of doing card payments, scheduling, and everything. It really is nice that I can just open one app and take care of everything that I need to for the maintenance of the business and the maintenance of my customers.”

— Justin Menzia

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“Pocketsuite has been fantastic for my business. It’s everything I need in one app. Booking, direct contact with clients, forms, promo campaign and check out. It makes my work more efficient and the app is user friendly. Its like having my own assistant but virtually.”

— Julie Lindh

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Stacia Parkin

“It’s been amazing. So I actually started with a fitness coaching program. She used PocketSuite for invoicing and signing the agreement. So I asked her, before I was done and as I was kind of getting everything ready, I was like, “What app did you use? It was just so easy.” She told me. Ever since then, that’s what I use.”

— Stacia Parkin

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