The App For Anyone with Clients

People who work for themselves and make a good living are our heroes, our users, our team members, our community, and our vision for the future of work.

This Is Us.

PocketSuite officially launched in 2016 (though some customers have been with us since PocketSuite was just a twinkle in our founders’ eyes). ​We started out with solopreneurs in the Bay Area and now we’re serving thousands of people who work for themselves in all 50 states. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but everyone at PocketSuite lives and works wherever they want.

We believe the “Future of Work” is people working remotely, for themselves, wherever, and whenever and making good income. Our team is living proof that this future is possible ​and inevitable​. “If you ask 9 out of 10 people if they want to work for themselves, they’ll say, “Heck yes!” Followed by, “But how would I pay my bills?” At PocketSuite, we’re on a mission to answer that question - once and for all.

What does a vegan chef, a goat yoga instructor, a service dog trainer, a couples therapist, an AirBnb host consultant, an accountant for Instagram stars, a luxury car detailer, a hot stone massage therapist, a CrossFit instructor, and a lash technician... all have in common? ​PocketSuite.

We serve such a wide range of people with clients because we fundamentally believe that ANYONE with clients can work for themselves and make a good living.

We know this because each and every one of our team members has been an entrepreneur working for ourselves as Etsy shop owners, mobile developers, security experts, data scientists, product marketers, photographers, strategy consultants, fundraisers, market researchers, and commercial lenders. We hire really unique, customer obsessed, entrepreneurs who do not move with the herd. They really believe in human potential. They are passionate about building tools that enable people to make good income from doing good work.

What We Believe...

As much as we love what makes each member of our team unique, we take a lot of pride in what unites us. At our core:

  • We Are Engineers And Product Obsessed

    We loathe over-engineering. We cringe anytime a customer reports a bug and we release new versions every week.

  • We Love Our Customers

    We solve problems and help them grow.

  • We See The Status Quo Changing

    Desktop solutions are sooo last year. We believe that most solopreneurs ​and small teams​ will be using mobile apps to manage their clients and business by 2025.

  • We Don't Think Of This As A Job

    This is what we do and who we are. We have a 24/7 obsession with independent businesses, financial services technology, sustainable growth, and apps that solve “real world” problems.

  • We Believe Only Two Things Matter

    Building a great product and delivering awesome customer service.

Solving Business Problems Is In Our DNA!

PocketSuite is a mobile first, business management app that helps anyone with talent and time make money. PocketSuite’s founders and investors have an incredibly successful track record of building business management software that has powered companies across the globe for more than 40 years.

Before founding PocketSuite, Yang Forjindam, was engineer #5 and the youngest software architect ever, at NetSuite. ​NetSuite​, founded by Evan Goldberg in 1998, is a web-based, business management software system that serves 18,000 customers across 200+ countries and territories.

Before founding NetSuite, Evan Goldberg was previously a senior executive at Oracle. ​Oracle​ (ORCL), valued at $184 Billion, was the first, business management software system (​also known as enterprise resource planning system or ERP​) that serves large companies with 500 or more employees.

From this great tradition, PocketSuite emerged, focused on delivering good income to people with clients everywhere. What Oracle and NetSuite have done for large and midsize companies, PocketSuite is doing for anyone who has clients and a desire to make a good living working for themselves.

Powering The Good Life.

One of our favorite quotes is from Naval Ravikant, founder of, “In 50 to 100 years from now, virtually everyone will be working for themselves. If you go back to hunter gatherer times, how we evolved, we basically worked for ourselves. We communicated and cooperated within tribes, but each hunter, each gatherer, stood on their own, and then combined the resources of the family unit. And I think the smart people have already started figuring out that the internet enables this. And they're starting to work more and more remotely on their own schedule, on their own time, on their own place, with their own friends, in their own way. And that's actually how we are the most productive. So the information revolution by making it easier to communicate, connect, and cooperate, is allowing us to go back to working for ourselves. [​full transcripts 24:00​]”

Our Rule of 5.

We live by five, simple rules:

Don't Over-Engineer

Simplicity is why our customers love us. We don’t mess with that - ever.

Own Your Own Code

See each mission through to conclusion. That’s how we learn and grow.

Focus On The 90%

Can’t do it all. So we do the things that will benefit the many.

Eliminate Meaningless Work

Customers want to do what they love. So we take care of the rest.

Do The Right Thing

Trust is the core of our relationship with customers. We honor it - always.

We've Got Your Back - Always

If you have any questions, just text us at 415-841-2300 and we’ll get back to you right away. We love sharing our vision, data, and product with the world. You can watch demos of our app on YouTube. You can read about and listen to stories about how people are “going independent” and “achieving their income goals” on our blog (SuiteBlog) and podcast (Professional on the Go).

You can also follow along @PocketSuite on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy. If you’d like to become a customer, download PocketSuite below. If you are looking to join our team, give us a shout at Thanks for visiting PocketSuite!

PocketSuite's vision is simple. ​Enable anyone working for themself to make a good living, ​including the millions of talented people with clients - service professionals, independent businesses, freelancers, contractors, gigsters, part-time, and non-traditional workers.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 10 hour a week side hustle; work for yourself full time; or carve out a part-time schedule to make extra money. Whoever you are, whatever your self-employment story is, for us to realize the PocketSuite vision, anyone working for themself (​including you​) has to achieve your income goals.


A Business App That Has Your Back

Focus on your clients and doing what you are awesome at. We’ll handle the rest.