White Glove Service with PocketSuite

Would you like to be in the fast lane with your PocketSuite business account? PocketSuite’s White Glove Service gives you a dedicated account manager, 7-day a week call support, and the fastest response times on any questions that you have.

White Glove Customer Service

White Glove Service is the highest tier of customer support where we roll up our sleeves and make changes to your account at your direction.

White Glove

Every White Glove member comes with a dedicated account manager whose job is to help you reach your business goals through our all-in-one business app. PocketSuite’s account managers are ready to do the work for you.

No Waiting

Our white-glove service costs $399 for an entire year and it can be purchased through the button below.

Move Fast

To begin your white glove journey simply complete your purchase and write PocketSuite through the app when you are ready for assistance on any of the following white glove benefits.

White Glove Service for 1 Year

Fast Features

Every White Glove Service membership comes with a year of unlimited Fast Features. And if you only need one Fast Feature to quickly upgrade your account, they are available for $99 each.

To purchase a Fast Feature, click here.

Client Imports

Do you have a client list with names, phone numbers, and email addresses? We can import your entire list from any competitor right now.

White Glove Service Services Client Import Transfer

Services Transfer

Do you have a list of services you offer on a website, PDF, or competitor booking site? We can recreate that service list for you in your PocketSuite account.

Contracts & Forms

Do you have contracts that you are already using? Or forms you have new clients fill out? We can import them so all your new clients sign and complete them digitally as part of your booking process.

White Glove Service with PocketSuite

Fast Account Set Up

Tell us your vision for your PocketSuite account. We can select all the settings that align with that vision and help you set the right customization options for you.


Tell us how you are looking to automate your marketing, scheduling, repeat bookings, and payments. We’ll walk you through how to do that in PocketSuite and get it set up for you and your clients.

White Glove Service Priority


Do you have a website or social media profile? Let us help you link your online booking site or “suite link” landing page to your website and social media so that you can get booked by your clients anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Priority Support Line

You receive Priority Support. You can tap the “Request a Call” button seven days a week to get a guaranteed call back within 15 minutes from one of our Pro Success Team members. They’ll help you with all your urgent needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a Dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager ensures you get everything you need fast and that you’re achieving your business growth goals. They will give you a special link to schedule “white glove” service check-in calls.