Collect and Save Client Info

Add any intake form to collect lead and client information.

Send or Add to Social Media

Text it to your clients or add to your website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

Complete Forms Anywhere, Anytime

Clients can fill out forms on their phones, computer, tablet, and any device.

Access Forms In One Place

You’re notified when forms are completed. All records are saved for easy access in the app.
Combine Forms with your Online Booking Site or Suite Link

Require clients booking you online to complete the form before they complete checkout.

Attach Forms to Invoices, Appointments & More

Attach any form when sending an invoice or an appointment to a client. Clients are prompted to complete the form prior to checkout.


Can I have clients fill out a form when they book me?

Do I have the option to fill out a form on behalf of a client?

  • The forms feature on PocketSuite makes collecting information from your clients easy and organized. You have the option to fill in the form or have the client complete the form.
  • From the Forms dashboard on the home screen, you can send a form for the client to complete or fill it in for the client.

Can I create a form that only new clients need to complete?

  • When signing up online using the online booking widget, clients can fill out a form two ways. In settings>online booking you can have standard questions available for every booking. You can also create a form under settings>forms that you can attach to a service so they fill out the form when booking the service. 
  • Finally, you can also have clients fill out a form by simply texting or emailing them a link to the form.

How many forms can I have in PocketSuite?

There is no limit on the number of forms you can have in PocketSuite. Keep in mind as a best practice, however, the length of the form and how many questions that you ask in the form can affect your client experience and could lead to clients dropping off and not completing the process.