Geek Out on the Numbers

Check out how much you make and where your money is coming from.

View Reports on Everything

Chart your income, appointments, taxes, utilization, and more for any time period.

Dive into the Details

Access any payment, item, or client level data with one tap.

Organize it All in One Place

Group your data in new ways, like by lead source, payment method or team member all within the app.

Know When You're in Demand

Use the heat map to identify your busiest times of day, week, and month, so you can better manage time and availability for your team and resources.


How do I track income, bookings, product sales and other important metrics in the app?

Go to theĀ  Income Dashboard on PocketSuite to see all of your Smart Reports. View charts and breakdowns of your income, product sales, utilization, and more to better understand your business income and growth.