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Digital payments continue to dominate the market both for online and in-person shopping. If you want to see your business grow, flexible payment options are a must. And it’s important to keep up with modern payment technology, like Tap To Pay on mobile phones.  

What’s Tap To Pay?

We teach you everything you need to know about Tap To Pay on iPhone and Android devices and how it can help your business grow.

tap to pay on iphone

What is Tap To Pay on iPhone?

Tap To Pay on iPhone and Android devices allows you to accept payments from your clients without a card reader. All you need is an eligible mobile phone. Your clients can pay for goods and services with their contactless credit or debit cards, smart watches, or digital wallets. 

For clients, it’s as easy as hovering over their card over a mobile device that has Tap To Pay set up. Business owners can get set up on tap to pay in a few simple steps. Read this guide to learn how to accept payments with Tap To Pay on PocketSuite.

How can Tap to Pay help my business grow? 

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed contactless payments to the front of the digital payments race. Tech-savvy clients will expect your business to keep up. Now, more than half of Americans use tap to pay. And about 40% of consumers won’t even shop at a store that doesn’t offer tap-to-pay. Without this feature, you’ve already taken yourself out of the running for game-changing growth.

Here’s how using tap to pay on iPhone and Android devices will help grow your business. 

#1 Convenience 

Tap to pay makes it easier to accept payments from clients. With Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android devices, you can accept payments from anywhere at any time, whether your clients are doing an in-home session or on their way out of the studio. 

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Life happens. You might lose or forget your card reader.  As long as you or your staff have a phone, they’re good to accept payments using Tap to Pay. And if a client forgets their wallet, they can pay with their device, so you won’t have a late payment or missed sale. 

Not to mention, you and your team don’t have to lug around a bulky card reader. And there’s no need to stick your staff behind a checkout counter. 

#2 Speed

When it comes to speed, tap-to-pay outperforms all other payment methods. Nothing is worse than slow service. Your client might walk away from a last-minute product purchase to avoid the wait time. With tap to pay on iPhone and Android devices, you can cut down the time clients spend waiting for payments to go through or entering their information. 

You’ll retain clients by offering the fastest payment method on the market. Tap to pay gets your clients in and out quickly. So you have more time to prepare for your next appointment. 

#3 Increased Safety

If clients aren’t familiar with contactless payments, they may worry that a simple tap can’t be secure. However, tap to pay is less vulnerable to common credit card scams and fraud than inserting or swiping your card. 

tap to pay on iphone

Here’s why tap-to-pay is safe than card readers:

  • Tap to pay transactions go through two types of verification:  tokenization (a unique set of numbers is sent instead of a client’s bank information) and encryption (creates a code valid for a single transaction only. After that, the code is useless to fraudsters.) 
  • Contactless cards communicate with a wireless connection, called near-field communication, to make payments. Fraudsters would have to be within one or two inches of your client’s card to make a charge.
  • Less of your client’s personal information is shared during the transaction, like their name, billing address, and three-digit security code. And you don’t see their card info at all.

Tap to pay on iPhone and Android devices is one of the most secure digital payment methods. Let clients know that their privacy is protected, and you’re sure to get repeat customers. 

#4 Less expensive 

Tap to pay is a great option if your business is too new to invest in a card reader just yet or if you have a large team. You don’t have to cough up extra cash for card readers that will need to be repaired or replaced every so often, i.e., more money in your pocket. 

Also, some card readers are only compatible with special software that may come with additional costs. At PocketSuite, Tap to pay is available for all users at no extra charge. (Typical credit card processing fees apply.)

tap to pay on iphone

Get Your Phone Ready for Tap To Pay 

Tap to Pay is the newest way to accept payments and grow a business quickly. More convenience and safety means more sales for your business. No additional hardware is needed. 

At PocketSuite, you can get set up with Tap To Pay in minutes. Easily accept payments for services, classes, and even physical products right from your phone.