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Are you looking for the next best app to drive your social media marketing strategy? The good news is that you can grow your business on several different social platforms. And one promising option comes from the creators of TikTok themselves. It’s called Lemon8.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Lemon8 and give you ideas on how to use the app for your small business.


What’s the best social media platforms for small businesses? 

As a small business owner, you should spend time nurturing your multiple social media profiles. Of course, stick to the basics, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But don’t rely on any one social app. Social media platforms change as quickly as they’re trends. For example, Instagram, once a photo-sharing haven, now prioritizes video reels. 

For best results, create dedicated business profiles on these sites, post engaging content, and stay on top of trends. Also, try out emerging social platforms, like Lemon8. Lemon8 has been promoted as a replacement for TikTok and Instagram. 

What is Lemon8? 

Lemon8 is an app where the “youthful community” can share and discover content. Lemon8 quickly pushed its way to number 2 for lifestyle apps in the App Store. And the app gained over 650,000 downloads in the U.S. in under two weeks. 

It’s from TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance, which promotes the app through influencers on other platforms. Of course, this means Lemon8 could face the same scrutiny as TikTok as more people try it out. 

Like other platforms, users can share and edit lifestyle videos and photos. But you can’t scroll through vertical videos like you would on TikTok. And, where TikTok and Instagram reward spontaneity and relatability, Lemon8 content seems purposefully curated and edited (so far, anyway).


What’s it like?

Hop on to the Lemon8 app, and you’ll find photos, videos, product hauls, and recommendations. The content isn’t too different from the social platforms you’re used to. But, a quick look at your for you page, and you’ll see that Lemon8 users add lots of stickers and bold fonts to their posts. It’s almost like creators are put captions, recommendations, and tutorials in the photo itself. It’s not clear if these info-graphic-style posts will help your account grow, but they sure stand out.

Is Lemon8 good for small businesses? 

It has potential. There’s already lots of content on Lemon8, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s led to any business growth in the U.S..

Also, as far as we can tell, you can’t push paid ads on Lemon8 or monetize your content just yet. And it’s still too new in the U.S. to justify paying influencers to promote your business on the platform.

You have to decide for yourself if Lemon8 is a good option for your business. It takes time and resources to run a new social media page, especially if it’s just you or a small team. So, don’t spend too much time trying to become a Lemon8 influencer. 

Sign Up Business

The goal right now is to become familiar with the platform and create visibility for your business. 

Lemon8 isn’t a new app, it’s just new to the US. And it comes with a similarly addictive algorithm to TikTok. So, it definitely has the potential to go viral. And you want your business to have an advantage when it does. 

How do I use Lemon8 for my small business?

There are no clear rules of engagement or how to grow an audience on Lemon8. But that hasn’t stopped businesses from trying. Solopreneurs are already using the app to promote their businesses. 

Take a quick browse of the platform, and you’ll find:

The app also has features that could potentially help your business grow. For example, Lemon8 allows users to tag the location where they bought goods and services. Also, you can write long, blog-like captions under your posts, which will help your business get discovered through keywords.

The point is: everyone’s learning how to make Lemon8 work for their goals. If you’re stuck on ideas, reshare content that you’ve posted on other apps. 


Is Lemon8 the solution?

Lemon8 is taking off in the US. The photo and video-sharing app may be a good alternative to popular social media platforms. But it’s still unclear if the platform can drive business growth like TikTok or Instagram. At the very least, you can stay on top of trends and get more exposure for your small business.

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