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Most clients’ first introduction to your business is through a Google search. Over 60% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a business location. Google reviews help both clients and business owners. Potential clients get a sneak peek at your services without making a commitment, and you get to make an excellent first impression. If you haven’t spent much time on your Google reviews, now’s your chance!

In this article, find out how a strong Google review wall can protect your small business and get you more bookings.

Why are reviews on my Google Business profile important?

Clients leave reviews across the internet, even on your social media platforms. But Google reviews are the heavy hitters. These reviews get more views and are generally more trusted than sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, or Better Business Bureau. 

Here’s why Google reviews are key to growing your small business.

google reviews for small business growth

#1 Book More Clients

Google reviews are an easy (and free) way to increase your monthly bookings. The bottom line is that people are more likely to book your services if you have good reviews. 

You’re more likely to attract clients if you have a four to five-star rating on Google. Potential clients can filter out businesses based on their average rating. According to a recent study, the most common filter used on Google reviews is for companies with 4-star ratings or higher. So, getting high-quality reviews on your Google business profile is super important.

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PocketSuite’s Google Leads and Review feature automatically requests Google reviews from clients who give you a high rating. Your client can copy and paste their review directly to your Google business page. So, you get a stronger Google review wall and more bookings. 

#2 Counteract Bad Reviews

While good reviews lead to more clients, bad reviews can turn potential clients away. Unfortunately, customers are more likely to leave  a bad review on their own initiative and a good review only when asked for one. So if you aren’t asking for reviews from happy customers, you likely have a much lower Google rating than you truly deserve.

The other risk is that if you don’t have many reviews, even a single one star review can sink your Google Rating and give all new customers pause before booking you. To protect your business, you need a lot of reviews. By asking for good reviews from happy customers you can build a Good Review Wall– that makes that rare one-star-review into an outlier that doesn’t sink your rating or take undue weight with new customers. 

#3 Get Discovered 

When someone searches for “hairstylist near me” or “Miami fitness trainer” on Google, hundreds of results will pop up. Of course, you want yours to be the first. 

The problem: You’re competing with huge businesses in your area with marketing budgets to push their ads and blog posts to the top of Google searches. Reviews are the ultimate equalizer. So both small and large businesses can compete for local search rankings. You’re in the running as long as you provide a great customer experience.  

google reviews for small business growth

Google rewards relevancy, and nothing says relevant like dozens of reviews from real clients. So, if you have a lot of good reviews, Google will rank your business page higher in the search results (because you likely are very popular in your area). Plus, it’s less time-consuming than traditional SEO strategies. 

Also, a strong Google review wall increases traffic to your website or booking page. More people will click on your site to learn about your services after reading a good review.  

#4 Get Feedback 

Reviews are more than a marketing tool. They can give important feedback for your business. You learn what products, services, and team members clients prefer and which ones they don’t. 

Of course, you don’t have to take every bad review and change your business. But you can use your Google review wall as a survey of your clients and to improve your customer experience. 

Plus, PocketSuite has a tool for you to address customer complaints in a private venue before it ever reaches Google, protecting you rating and business reputation.. Use this as a chance to explain misunderstandings with clients and preserve your reputation.  

#5 Build trust

Referrals are one of the best sources for new clients. But when clients can’t get a reliable referral from a friend or family member, they use online reviews to decide which business they can trust. 

Google reviews are your chance to win the trust of potential clients. Other marketing tactics can only take you so far. And they won’t mean much if your business page is littered with negative comments. Reviews are the deciding factor. 

Consider Google reviews as a research tool for potential clients. It’s where they decide whether to trust you or not.  Also, seeing your responses to reviews will build trust with consumers who like to know there’s an actual human being behind the business. 

Remember that people are going to review you no matter what, so it’s important to have a strategy to ask for reviews from happy clients regularly.

google reviews for small business growth

 Are you 5-star ready? 

PocketSuite can help boost your Google review wall. We integrate with your Google Business profile so you can get booked through Google and request reviews in the PocketSuite app. We’re the all-in-one tool to run your business.