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Are you considering Housecall Pro for your home services business? Read this first. 

As a home services professional, you’re on the go a lot. And you need a booking app that can keep up. Many home service providers choose Housecall Pro to run their businesses. But does the platform fulfill its promise to users?

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Housecall Pro and compare the platform to PocketSuite.

Is Housecall Pro a good app for your business?

Housecall Pro is a leading field service management app for home service businesses. HVAC technicians, cleaners, lawn care specialists, and more use the platform to schedule jobs, dispatch their teams, and process payments.  

Housecall Pro vs. Pocketsuite

But does Housecall Pro have all the essential features you need to run your business? With a 3.2 star rating on Google Play App Store, the platform definitely has room for improvement.

Here are some problems you might encounter while using Housecall Pro and how PocketSuite solves them.

#1 Limited Mobile App

Seamless appointment booking and management are the bread and butter of running a successful service business. And home service professionals need to do this while they’re in the field. 

However, reviews suggest that the Housecall Pro mobile app lacks some of the functionality found in their desktop platform. Without a reliable, mobile-first scheduling tool, you’re left with unhappy clients and lost income. 

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PocketSuite was made for entrepreneurs who need to run their businesses straight from their phones. We make it easy for you to get booked solid and grow your business while you’re on the move. 

#2 Limited Forms

Just like clients, every property is different. That’s why forms are a must for home service businesses. But, Housecall Pro users may be out of luck in this department. 

Housecall Pro only allows you to create customer intake forms with its add-on Pipeline feature. If you’re willing, Pipeline can be purchased on top of the standard plan (though the extra cost is unclear). If not, you may have to turn to other platforms like Paperform or Gravity Forms with Housecall Pro integrations.

Or, you can avoid that entirely by booking with PocketSuite. We know forms are essential. So, all PocketSuite pros can create unlimited forms to send to clients. 

#3 No Inventory Management

A home service business comes with a lot of baggage, i.e., inventory. You need a platform that can keep track of the tools and products that keep your business running, like pesticides and other chemicals. 

However, Housecall Pro doesn’t currently have a feature to track inventory. Instead, users must defer to Quickbooks to keep track of their materials. This may get frustrating, especially because a Quickbooks integration is only available on Housecall Pro’s Essential Plan (for a whopping $129 per month).

Housecall Pro vs. Pocketsuite

PocketSuite allows you to track your inventory on any plan. You always know when it’s time to stock up on the essentials.

#4 Extra Fees

Housecall Pro users can choose between three tiers: Basic, Essentials, and MAX, depending on the size of their team. However, many of the features and integrations that lead users to choose Housecall Pro aren’t available on their Basic plan, which is already a lofty $49 per month (if you pay annually). 

For example, you will be charged an extra $20 a month for each vehicle you want to track on the Basic plan. Sure, you can upgrade. But, the Essential plan jumps to $129 per month. So, you’ll pay more than double for features that should be built into the cost. 

With Housecall Pro, you may not be getting the most bang for your buck. And there are other platforms that won’t tack on extra fees. PocketSuite users have access to our dynamic features for $24.99 per month. 

#5 No Text Marketing Campaigns 

With a 99% deliverability rate, text marketing is key to growing a service-based business. While Housecall Pro allows users to customize SMS notifications for appointment reminders and send out email marketing campaigns, the platform doesn’t seem to have a text campaign feature. 

Housecall Pro vs. Pocketsuite

With Smart Campaigns, PocketSuite users can send automated text campaigns to promote discounts, make announcements, connect with past clients, send prep before appointments, and much more! 

Also, Housecall Pro provides a custom SMS number but no dedicated business line to take calls. PocketSuite users get a premium business number to make running your business easier.

#6 Minimal Customer Service 

Every business owner knows that customer support is key, especially when your reputation is on the line. However, some users express frustration with the company’s customer service offerings. At a large company like a Housecall Pro, you’re not likely to get the one-to-one support you need for your small business. 

At PocketSuite, customer support is our main priority. We offer a range of support calls as per our PocketSuite Academy.  

Housecall Pro vs. Pocketsuite

Do you need a new booking app?

Housecall Pro is a popular option for home service professionals. But, with a limited mobile and lots of additional fees, it may not be the best solution for your small business. 

If you’re ready for an all-in-one booking app, give PocketSuite a try. You can schedule clients, accept payments, track inventory, and manage recurring services straight from your phone.