6 Best Remote Side Hustles To Make More Money

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Are you looking to bring in some extra cash? From grocery delivery to Airbnb hosting, side hustles have become the norm. And luckily, with remote side hustles, you can get started from the comfort of your own home. 

We put together a list of the best remote side hustles, so you can start making money today. 

What are the best remote side hustles? 

A lot of business owners start as side hustlers. You can establish a client base and get repeat business without quitting your full-time gig. It’s a great way to master your industry before taking your business full-time. And with remote side hustles, you can do it all in your pajamas. 

Here are six remote side hustles to earn some extra income. 

#1 Virtual Assistant

Are you an organization whiz? Well, you may be able to earn some extra cash as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant handles administrative tasks for business owners and other professionals. 

Your tasks will vary depending on the employer. But in general, you will: 

  • Book travel plans
  • Manage emails
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Handle documents 
  • Field calls
  • Content Creation

There are thousands of virtual assistant positions waiting for you on job boards right now. And you don’t have to go corporate. Find positions and gigs that fit your interests or industry. Dog trainers and influencers, even salon owners, need assistants too! 

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The best part of remote side hustles: you never have to go into an office! You can take on multiple virtual assistant gigs and manage your clients and schedule through PocketSuite.

#2 Remote Notary

Remote notaries verify identities and documents signing online. They take the roles of notary publics and mobile notaries to the internet. 

No matter what type of notary you become, you must obtain a license or commission. Every state is different, but in general, to become a notary, you must: 

  • Be 18 or over
  • Be a resident of your state
  • Read and write English
  • Complete training and pass an exam
  • Get a surety bond

There are online platforms to safely perform online notarization. Or, you can let clients book you on PocketSuite and add a video conferencing link to the appointments. 

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Online notarization isn’t legal in every state, so please check your local laws. And there may be a cap on how much you can charge for your services. On average, notaries report earning $2000 per month. It’s a nice addition to your salary. 

#3 Start a blog

A blog is also a great way to promote your service business. You can add a blog to your current business website or start from scratch.

Bloggers make money from: 

  • Ad revenue: If you set up Google ads on your blog, your readers will get personalized ads on your posts. The downside is that you can’t control the ads they see or how they show up on your site. 
  • Affiliate programs: You can join affiliate programs for companies in your niche. As an affiliate, you’ll earn money or a commission for every purchase made through your link. You may earn cash rewards, a percentage of the purchase, or other perks, like free products and store credits.
  • Sponsored posts: With sponsored content, companies pay you upfront to create a post about their products or services.
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It will take some time for you to build a regular blog audience and bring in consistent cash. You can increase your audience by guest posting, improving your site’s SEO optimization, and performing backlink outreach.

#4 Business Coaching

It’s time to share your expertise with the world and earn extra cash while you’re at it. You can become a coach or consultant for other pros in your industry. Coaching is one of the most popular remote side hustles, and for good reason!

Maybe you’ll teach them to retain clients or grow a six-figure business. A coach educates and motivates aspiring business owners to reach their full potential. Your clients will become your network and might repay you with referrals or other opportunities.

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All you need to become a successful business coach is experience and expertise that other people need. There are also a number of coaching training programs that can help you become a great coach trained to help people.

It doesn’t take much to get started. You can add a 30-minute coaching call as a service on your PocketSuite booking site.

#5 Sell Digital Downloads 

Digital downloads are a great side hustle and supplement your business. You have the experience to create resources for potential clients and other pros in your industry! 

Digital downloads take time and effort to create. But they’ll act as a source of passive income for a long time. That’s why its one of our favourite remote side hustles. You can sell:

  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Training Plans 

Most of the work will be marketing and promoting the goods. You can advertise them on your PocketSuite suite link or list them as add-on products on your booking site. 

#6 Offer Online Sessions

If you’re a fitness trainer or dog trainer, you can earn some extra cash by taking your services online. Clients love online classes because they’re convenient and affordable. 

Online sessions require more follow-ups than in-person sessions. But it’s worth it for the opportunity to expand your client base. You can train dogs in other states or offer virtual yoga classes. The sky’s the limit.

Or, you can record training sessions and post them on youtube. Once you rack up an audience, you’ll earn extra money from affiliate programs and sponsorships.

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The Bottom Line

Who says you have to leave your house to earn money? From coaching to blogging, there are many remote side hustles to choose from. At the very least, you’ll need some extra time and internet access. 

Let PocketSuite manage your side hustle. With PocketSuite, you can book appointments, accept payments and sell products all in one app. We’re the best choice to run your solo business.