What Are People Looking For in Online Fitness Classes?

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It’s time to buckle down and plan your online fitness classes. But with endless virtual options, it’s easy for your program to get lost in the crowd. 

You want to stand out by giving your clients the perfect fitness experience. So, how do you know what people want from online fitness classes, especially when you’re just starting out?

No worries! We’re giving you a head start.

This guide teaches you exactly what people are looking for in online fitness classes and provides expert tips for attracting new clients. 

What Should an Online Fitness Program Include?

From barre classes with live music to HIIT training with celebrity guests, there are so many ways to beef up your fitness class. But, there are some essentials that every fitness instructor should know.

Here are six key things to include in your online fitness classes.

#1 Quick and Easy Sign-Up

First impressions matter. And as a fitness trainer, your booking page is often a client’s first point of contact. Clunky, outdated sign-up methods can put off clients before they even make it to the first session.

We know how amazing you are, but no one’s going to show up to a class they can’t book. Make it easy for new clients to book your fitness classes by creating a custom booking page. And don’t forget to share your links on social media! 

Remember, they’re not coming into your studio. So, it’s important to create a positive impression and build trust through their online experience.

Also, a bit of favoritism never hurt anybody. Show your loyal clients some love by sending them booking reminders and announcements for new services. If you typically have a waitlist, bump them to the top. 

Do the heavy lifting for your clients and they won’t think twice about joining your next lesson. 

#2 A Workout That Works For Any Space

People are looking for online fitness classes that can adjust to their lifestyle AND give them A+ results. 

Clients flock to these classes because they love not having to leave the house… or spend hours in traffic. They want a fitness program that can be done in the comfort of their living room. 

Go the extra mile, and make your fitness class easy to do in any kind of home. 

Think twice before creating programs that require a lot of space or equipment. You should always give clients a heads-up if they need to purchase resistance bands or dumbbells. If extra equipment is a must, you can always give clients the option to purchase them as stand-alone products from your PocketSuite booking page.

Chances are, some of your clients live in apartment buildings.  You want to plan exercises that can be accomplished with limited space, especially if they’re tuning in from New York or other high-density cities. 

And, if possible, avoid lesson plans with a lot of jumping. Trust us, their neighbors will thank you. 

#3 Flexible and Convenient Timing 

Also, life happens. Clients love when your schedule is as flexible as your lesson plan. Make sure to keep your calendar updated and leave a little wiggle room for last-minute appointments. 

It’s a good idea to make yourself available when clients have more energy or are off from work. This might mean putting in some early mornings or weekend classes but the profits are well worth it. 

Don’t worry, PocketSuite makes it easy to schedule some buffer time, so you and your team can take a breather in-between lessons. 

PocketSuite Fitness Business Software Sign-Up Block

#4 Affordable Rates

People are also looking for online fitness classes that won’t break their budgets. So, make sure you’re clear about pricing right off the bat. No one likes a surprise fee.

Do market research and find out where you fit. As tempting as it is to lower your prices to attract more clients, this puts you at a serious disadvantage. You need to remain competitive and offer rates that reflect your skills.

Our research suggests that you don’t have to charge any less for online classes than you would for an in-person class. Price yourself fairly!

Here’s a better idea: Offer rewards for to first-time or loyal clients. 

#5 Modern Tech

We’re a long way away from workout DVDs. And every day, your clients are bombarded with ads for upscale fitness tech. People are looking for online fitness classes that can keep up with all the modern tech at their disposal.

You don’t have to break out an AI bot for your fitness class (Up to you, though.) But, you should make an effort to keep your tech updated.

Stick to the basics. High-quality sound and video are a must. You want clients to feel like they’re in the room with you. That means no audio glitches or wonky footage.

And don’t forget about a good internet connection. One interruption can ruin the flow of a good workout session. Some clients will think it’s unprofessional, and it’ll be even harder to remotivate your class. 

If you’ve got the budget, you can send your clients smartwatches with health monitoring technology and set them up with an online dashboard where they can track their progress. 

#6 Good Community

Fitness training is inherently social, even online. Your relationship with your clients might get a bit personal. So, it’s important they feel they can trust you

As a fitness trainer, you know that a little bit of charisma goes a long way. Everyone loves a magnetic, upbeat instructor who can motivate them to reach their goals. So, make sure you bring the energy to every lesson!

For group classes, take steps to make sure everyone feels included … especially over Zoom. And if you have a team, give them tips on how to foster a welcoming environment.

How Do You Attract People to Fitness Classes?

This is amazing, but how do I get people to show up? Follow these key tips to attract and retain fitness clients.

Curate Your Social Media Pages

It’s 2023. Your social profiles are your resume. 

You don’t have to become a fitness influencer (though we’ll support you if you do) or spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads. But, you should take some time to create inviting content and build a following. 

You can make TikTok videos giving expert workout advice or Instagram posts showing off your client’s progress. 

It’s up to you. Just remember to share your booking link and availability. 

Don’t Be Shy, Ask for Referrals!

Your current clients are your best bet for attracting new business. They’re probably already telling friends and family about their A+ fitness trainer. So, it doesn’t hurt to give them a little push.

You can offer rewards to clients who recommend your services, like one free class every time they bring a friend to your next group Pilates session. 

Referrals are super important for online sessions because no one’s walking by your class on their way to work. Think of referrals as a shiny new sign on your store-front.

How Can I Improve My Online Fitness Classes?

Are you already doing these things, and want to take it up a notch? Here are some tips to improve your online fitness classes.

Get Your Fitness Certification

If you want to sweeten the deal on your services, it may be time for you and your team to get certified. 

Fitness certifications are a wealth of information. They give you the tools you need to keep your clients safe and keep up with industry best practices. 

Of course, you don’t need a certification to be a fitness trainer. But, it does set you apart from your competitors. And clients will be happy knowing they’re in good hands. 

Ask Your Clients for Feedback

Stuck on how to take your online fitness classes to the next level? Go straight to the source. 

Your clients know your business better than anyone. And they want to see it succeed. It doesn’t hurt to find out what they’re missing from your classes.  

You can create online forms to survey clients on the good, bad, and ugly of your business. 

You don’t have to implement all their ideas (In fact, it’s best that you don’t.) But you should look for patterns in their responses and do your best to address any concerns. 

Try Fitness Trainer Software

Running a business is tough. It’s okay if you need a little help. If you want to improve your workflow, it may be time to invest in software to manage your fitness business.

Good business software should feel like a personal assistant. Lucky for you, that’s kind of our thing. 

From booking to payments to contracts, PocketSuite has dozens of dynamic features to help your fitness business grow in the long term.

The Bottom Line

Online fitness classes come in all shapes and sizes. As a fitness trainer, it can be tough to understand exactly what people are looking for in online fitness classes. But there are some essential features that your clients will count on. 

You’re sure to attract clients by offering affordable fitness classes with lots of flexibility and an uplifting community.

PocketSuite can help you schedule, book, and follow up with fitness clients. We have all the tools you need to run a high-earning business right from your phone.