Save Precious Time

Send automatic appointment reminder messages to clients via text or email. It is one less thing that you have to worry about.

Eliminate Cancellations & No Shows

Make it easy for your clients to remember appointments. Put an end to late cancellations and no shows.

Set Frequency

Create global reminders for all clients. You can also set up custom reminders for specific clients or service types.

Access All in One Place

Share your location with a map, give special instructions, and all of the info need for appointment prep.


How do I set-up appointment reminders for clients?

It’s super easy to set up appointment reminders or payment reminders for your business with PocketSuite. These reminders can be sent via text message, email, or both to clients to remind them of upcoming appointments or payments due.

What’s the best way to send prep before an appointment to clients?

  • Check out PocketSuite Forms! You can collect valuable information about clients before your appointment and manage all the data right from PocketSuite. 
  • A super cool Pro tip – use Smart Campaigns to set criteria for sending messages to follow-up with clients, including a “Prep before Appointment” message that can be automatically sent to clients to prepare for upcoming appointments or that can be sent whenever you specify after an appointment.
  • Showcase your Add-on Products before an appointment and follow up on any outstanding Contracts or waivers that may still need to be signed.

How can I protect myself against last minute cancellations?

Set your Cancellation policy in the PocketSuite app to manage your clients’ expectations and collect late fees if needed per your policy. When you use Scheduling to book an appointment with a client, you can also automatically send the client the cancellation policy as part of the contract for your services to ensure that you are protected. See more about setting up Contracts on PocketSuite.