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Fitness Training Industry

The fitness training industry is becoming more competitive by the day. More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of getting professional help with their fitness. The modern customer has more choice than ever, and if you are not running a streamlined, efficient business, you will lose those customers to the trainer who is.

There is a huge question that most fitness trainers come to at some point in their solo careers: How do I expand my business without overloading my budget? I do not have enough money to compete with the large gyms. I cannot hire an admin and team or pay thousands of dollars for marketing. Does that mean that I am stuck at this level or is there another way forward?

You might be surprised to learn that you can get all of the admin, operations, marketing and scheduling support that you need within a single mobile app. The power of PocketSuite is especially clear in the fitness industry. In the fitness business, independent trainers have little to no time to manage back office tasks. After all, a fitness trainer has to look the part!

Outside of training clients, a trainer has to take the time to keep his or her own fitness level up. After all, noone is going to trust and out of shape fitness trainer. With PocketSuite, you have the time and tools to keep up with your own training, deliver results for your clients who are paying you, and grow your business.

Saving Time

Time is money in the fitness industry. You need to spend the majority of your day training clients if you want to maximize your income. This means you do not have the time for admin work during the weekday. In most cases, this means taking on less clients or putting in late nights to do all of the “homework” that usually comes with running a fitness training business. With PocketSuite, you do not have to choose between this rock and hard place.

How exactly do you save time with PocketSuite? The app does all of your client management, booking, intake forms and contracts, and payment collection for you – behind the scenes. While it is running in the background taking care of all your paperwork, you can do back to back appointments and classes with clients. Here’s a short list of fitness business activities that PocketSuite helps with.

  • Onboarding – One of the most important aspects of your business is quickly getting relevant information from clients once they have signed up with you. You need this information to create programs for them now and market to them in the future. PocketSuite gives you online forms that your customers can fill out on their own time from their phone or desktop before coming in for their first session. You have the information in a digital format and you do not have to wait while the customer fills it out before starting their training.
  • Booking – Just like your clients can onboard with your PocketSuite online forms, they can also book you online very easily as well. You can customize your booking experience to ensure that your clients are answering all relevant questions before they confirm their appointment. Synchronize your schedule to the app so that you never have to worry about double booking. You can also set special days and block off days if you have a break coming up or you are taking a holiday.
  • Protecting your time – As a busy trainer, you do not always have the time to immediately fill open slots due to last-minute cancellations with new clients. Let the app do it for you automatically! You can also enable the waitlist feature, which will automatically register the next person on the waitlist when a free spot opens up. If you have a cancellation, you can send out a group message that will hit all of your available prospects at once. You can personalize this message for different types of clients. You can even combine the message with one of your promotional discounts to activate the most amount of clients.
  • Discounts and surcharges – With PocketSuite, you can personalize discounts and pass on a small processing fee to your clients by using the “surcharge” feature. Having the ability to do this on a one-to-one basis ensure you preserve your profits. You do not have to offer discounts to your entire client list.
  • Building leads – PocketSuite is also a strong marketing platform that allows you to build up a strong pipeline of new clients. You can post your online lead form on your Facebook and Instagram page and add it to your website. Anytime someone wants to learn more about you and your business, the client form will collect all of the information you need for your first session with them. As the final step in your new client acquisition process, PocketSuite helps to maximize your marketing efforts.
  • Group messaging – Group messages can mean clients or team members. If you are trying to expand your business, you need to be able to send a message to different groups of people at different times. With PocketSuite your bulk text messages can go to as many as 20 people at once. You can send a marketing message, promote one of your deals, or just say happy holidays. Most importantly, you can keep your different customer groups organized for special promotions or other special communication down the road.
  • Team – As your business grows, so too will your team. You will need to keep information about them just as much as you keep it on your clients. Why? You will need to keep up with the jobs they have completed, how much you have paid them, attendance in their classes, which clients they are working, etc.. Also, it is best to know the details about your team members so that you can assign jobs to them that are a good fit.

Running Your Business with PocketSuite

All of the features mentioned above may seem like a bit much depending on how far along you are in your business. One of the best things about PocketSuite is that you can customize the features that you need right now and turn on more when you are ready. Your user interface is customized based on your exact needs rather than some template of how someone else thinks a business should run.

This is the bottom line: You can run your fitness training business anyway you like when you use PocketSuite. This is the app that provides you with everything from admin to scheduling to payments to marketing that works today and down the line when your business grows. As you expand, you may make use of more features or you may find that some features are not relevant to your business anymore. You can change these easily without switching to another app. This app grows with your business.

You will find that your business grows in ways that are unique to your personality and the clients that you serve. You will not be a carbon copy of any of your competitors, no matter how where you are in your professional journey. With this in mind, you need a flexible platform that gives you the ability to change options whenever you like. You need room to experiment and improve.

There are no rules in the world of small business and especially not in a highly competitive market like fitness training. As your competitors add new features, you may be forced to change your offerings in some way. PocketSuite is one of the best apps to make this happen. Whether you need new changes in your private training or classes or you need to change your membership plan, you can get it done at any time while continuing to see clients and deliver great results.

You may be surprised at the number of fitness trainers who are using PocketSuite secretly to expand business. If you are wondering how your competitors are somehow attracting new clients without “breaking a sweat,” you may have stumbled upon the answer!

As you begin to learn how to take advantage of all the PocketSuite features, don’t be surprised if your competition starts taking pages from your playbook. Don’t worry – your secret is safe with me. There is plenty of business in the fitness training industry to go around!

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