5 Tips To Grow A Six-Figure Boat Detailing Business

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Are you ready to get your boat detailing business into shipshape? As you’re cleaning, waxing, and sanding, be sure to think of ways to expand your client base and grow your income. Mobile marine detailers can hit a six-figure income with time, effort, and a few tried and true strategies. 

In this article, we give your experts tips to grow a successful boat detailing business. 

Can I make six figures as a mobile marine detailer?

Absolutely! Your client’s boat is most likely their prized possession and their most expensive investment. Your boat detailing business keeps its vessel beautiful and durable and helps it last longer. So, they’re willing to pay premium prices for excellent service.

On average, mobile marine detailer employees make about $35,000 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. But you have the potential to earn six figures a year when you own the business detailing boats.  It’s a big step up in earning potential!

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Your mobile marine business is entirely in your hands, so you get to set your rates and manage your schedule. You’re not stuck working as a salaried detailer. That means you have endless opportunities to expand your clientele and earn more money. 

How do I grow my boat detailing business?

As a boat detailer, you refresh and refurbish the exterior of your clients’ boats to make them look like new. Make sure you do the same to small business growth strategy. You’ll attract more clients and earn more money. 

Here are five tips to grow as a mobile marine detailer. 

#1 Offer high-demand boat detailing services as packages and subscriptions 

To grow your boat detailing business and earn more money, make sure you have the right services on your booking site. Boat detailers typically offer:

  • Hull detailing
  • Exterior washes
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Cabin cleaning 
  • Vinyl cleaning

Mobile marine detailers often offer services for jet skis and other marine vessels. Plus, with the right skills, you can also offer boat repair and replacement services.

To make the most of your premium services, bundle them as packages or subscriptions. Bundles make it easy to get more repeat bookings and earn more money upfront. 

#2 Invest in high-quality products and equipment 

As a boat detailer, you know products and equipment can make or break a job.  Boats are constantly exposed to natural elements and extreme weather conditions.  So, ordinary cleaning products and equipment won’t cut it. You need heavy-duty products to repair or prevent wear and tear and keep your clients happy. In the long run, it pays to invest in effective equipment. And you won’t necessarily have to break the bank to do it. 

For example, get your hands on bilge cleaner to remove grease and grime, products to combat boat oxidation, as well as polish and sealants for shine and protection.

If you’re a mobile car detailer looking to branch into boat detailing, some tools, like your pressure, weather, and vacuum, may be able to handle double duty. However, make sure you research separate products and tools to handle the special needs of marine vessels. 

#3 Use Google reviews to boost your local marketing efforts

The world has gone global. However, local marketing is key for small business owners. Your clients live, work, and go boating in your neighborhood and city. Make sure your marketing and lead generation efforts are targeted toward their needs and interests. Your Google Business page is your best bet to attract local clients. 

Most consumers check a company’s Google reviews before interacting with a business. There are ways to optimize your profile to get more reviews and bookings. PocketSuite makes it easy to grow your Google review wall and bring in leads from your Google business page.  

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Also, local marketing doesn’t have to stop at your Google Business page. You can build brand recognition by playing an active role in your community. Attend local boat shows, races, and festivals. You may even be able to set up a booth at a mobile marine detailer expo and show off your skills live.  Community events give you an opportunity to build trust with potential clients in your area.

#4 Implement a competitive pricing strategy

Take a look at what competitors are charging for boat detailing services in your area. It may be tempting to price yourself lower to break into the industry. But, we would caution against this. Remember, clients are willing to pay for high-quality detail, especially for such large, expensive vessels.

According to Detail King, boat detailing services are usually charged by the square foot of the boat. This helps mobile marine detailers manage client expectations and get paid fairly for their labor.  For example, you might charge anywhere from $8 to $15 per square foot for a hull detail or $5 to $10 for a vinyl treatment. 

Also, you may be able to use factor-based pricing to earn more from boat detailing services. Some vessels are more difficult to clean than others. So, don’t be afraid to charge a bit more for special services. This way, you get compensated for the entire value of your detail.

#5 Be creative and consistent with your social media strategy 

To get more clients for your boat detailing business, you have to stand out online. It’s good to have a business website and, of course, your online booking page, but your social media pages will be the heavy hitters.

Make it easy for clients to contact you and view your past boat detailing work by regularly updating your social platforms. They give proof and credibility to your business. You don’t need to take on every new social media trend but start a Facebook or Instagram page where clients can connect you.

The best part is that you have engaging content built into your brand. As a mobile marine detailer, you can take potential clients on a journey with your content, literally. Give them a glimpse into #boatlife, and take before and after pictures of your services. Just make sure to get your client’s permission to share.

And remember to drop a link to your booking site in your social media bio.

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All aboard!

You can turn your boat detailing business into a six-figure salary. Don’t be afraid to price yourself fairly and make sure to fit in time for marketing efforts to bring in more clients. Plus, you can take advantage of PocketSuite’s dynamic features like packages and subscriptions or Google leads and reviews to make it easy to earn more money. We’re the all-in-one app to grow your mobile marine detailing business.