Here Are The Most Profitable Mobile Businesses to Start With a Van

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These days, clients want more than food delivered to their front door. They want all their pet, beauty, and wellness needs fulfilled from the comfort of their homes. With a little time and the right vehicle, you can build a mobile business and offer services right in a client’s driveway. 

We put together a list of the best mobile businesses to start with a van. 

What mobile service business can I start with a van?

Mobile businesses are taking off! Your mobile business may be just a van or a trailer that’s easy to hook up to your truck and get moving. Either way, you can attract clients and build a successful service-based business.

Here are the top mobile businesses you can start today.

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#1 Mobile Dog Gym

A mobile dog gym makes it easy to exercise dogs. Mobile dog gyms are equipped with dog treadmills, so you can “run dogs” right in their owners’ driveway. Clients love the convenience of this budding business concept. Some clients don’t have the time to walk their dogs. Or, they live in extreme weather conditions where walks just aren’t possible. 

Mobile dog gyms are becoming increasingly popular. But there’s still time to dominate the market in your area. With time and a solid marketing strategy, you can earn good money from a mobile dog gym. 

#2 Mobile Pet Groomer

Mobile groomers offer a full range of pet grooming services at their client’s chosen locations.  Clients love mobile pet groomers because they’re flexible. Their pets stay clean, happy, and healthy without the ordeal of leaving their owner to go to a groomer.

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It’s a safe option for clients that are anxious to drop their pets off at a groomer for hours on end or don’t like the idea of being put in a cage. Plus, it’s convenient for clients on a busy work schedule who can’t find time to leave home. Mobile pet groomers are in high demand. So, you’re sure to find clients in need of your services. 

Mobile pet groomers typically offer:

  • Baths
  • Nail, teeth, and ear cleanings
  • Haircuts
  • Brushing
  • Drying

Plus, as a mobile business, you get to expand your pet grooming services to other towns and cities. Pet grooming vans or mobile grooming salons are decked out with heated baths, dryers, and other tools. 

#3 Mobile Nail Salon

For clients, mobile nail bars are an exclusive, personal experience. They can get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy nail salon. Who knows? Clients may even call you in for a fresh set during their lunch break at work. It’s a convenient way to fit in their regular nail appointment.

As a mobile nail salon, you provide all the same high-quality nail services as a brick-and-mortar salon, including:

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Foot and hand massages

Mobile nail techs can also make money from events. Clients will hire you to do nails at their birthdays, bachelorette parties, or other events.  So, be sure to have all-in-one nail salon management software to manage clients and grow your business.

#4 Mobile Car Detailer

Mobile car detailers are one of the most popular (and most profitable) businesses to start with a van. Mobile detailers bring interior and exterior detailing services to the client’s doorstep. Your clients get the quality and care of traditional detailing services without having to visit an auto shop.

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Clients are willing to pay more to save time with a car. With traditional detailing services, clients may be without their services for a whole day. 

From cleaning to restoration, you’ll provide a full range of car detailing, including:

  • Waxing
  • Wash and  dry
  • Vacuum
  • Steam cleaning

Mobile car detailing vans come in different shapes and sizes. But typically, they’re equipped with portable pressure washers and other essential tools.

#5 Mobile Mechanic 

Mobile mechanics repair vehicles on-site, wherever a client needs them. You can step in if a client’s car breaks down at home or they simply don’t have time to get to a repair shop. Clients will be happy they don’t have to sit around a garage waiting for a solution. They can schedule appointments that work on their time.

Mobile mechanics usually offer common car repair and maintenance services like oil changes, heating and air conditioner issues, steering wheel issues, and replacement services.

Mobile mechanics don’t necessarily need a van as they work mostly with the client’s vehicle. You are good to go if you can fit your must-have tools in a truck or small car. 

#6 Mobile Bar/Event

A party wouldn’t be complete without a stocked bar. So, you’re sure to be in demand with this mobile business. Mobile bars make great money from weddings, corporate parties, and other events. You may even park at a local farmer’s market amongst food trucks or your local Christmas fair. 

Aesthetics are important for a mobile bar. Clients want a van or trailer that can blend in easily with their event theme. So, you may want a simple vehicle that can be customized. 

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It’s time to get movin’ 

Mobile businesses are growing in popularity. You can get in on rewards. Whether you use your van to start a beauty, auto, or pet business, you can build a long-term business doing what you love.

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