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Mobile dog gyms are always on the go. Just remember to take a pit stop and work on your marketing strategy. Simple and creative marketing techniques can lead to a steady stream of clients for your mobile dog gym.

In this article, we break down expert-approved marketing techniques to attract more clients and earn more money for your mobile dog gym.

How do I market my mobile dog gym?

So, your van is ready to go, but you still need to get booked solid? No problem! It takes time and effort to build a loyal client list and bring in a consistent income. You can speed up the process by boosting your marketing strategy. Mobile dog gyms get customers through a mix of excellent service and clever marketing techniques.

Here are seven marketing tips to make more money for your mobile dog gym.

#1 Highlight the unique benefits of your mobile dog gym

There’s a chance you’ll be the only mobile dog gym in your area. So, you’ll have to work a bit hard to show clients the value of your services. Plus, you may be competing with other pet professionals, like dog walkers and dog trainers. 

For example, clients will seek out a mobile dog gym because:

  • Walks aren’t always an option with intense heat or heavy snow and rain.
  • Dog parks can be overcrowded, or their dogs may be reactive.
  • Dog treadmill sessions can improve a dog’s physical and mental health by reducing anxiety, helping a dog lose weight, etc.
  • Some dogs need a higher level of activity than a dog walker can offer.

Highlight these unique benefits of your mobile dog in your marketing materials and client communications. 

#2 Use social media to boost your visibility

Like any small business, a lot of clients look for mobile dog gyms online. So it’s extra important to develop an online presence for your business. This can be a professional website or a few dedicated social media pages. (Or both!) 

Social media is an easy and inexpensive way to get more visibility for your business. It acts as a portfolio of your services and proof of your excellent customer service skills. In fact, some clients might be wary of booking your mobile dog gym if they can’t find you online (and read other client reviews). So, be sure to list your business on Google, create a Facebook or be an early adopter of Threads. 

Plus, with clients as adorable as yours, you have a leg up on social media. All you need to get started is your phone. Post photos and videos of the dogs during their treadmill sessions (with your client’s permission). Or, give advice to pet owners looking to improve their dog’s health. The dog community will thank you!

Pro tip: Add a link to your PocketSuite booking site within the description of your social media profiles.

#3 Offer incentives for referrals

Referrals are an excellent way to attract and maintain clients for your mobile dog gym. But how do you get them?

Small business owners can offer cash, service discounts, or merchandise to incentivize current clients to recommend their services. You reward them for each new client they bring to your business. Plus, those clients are more likely to book you again. So just sit back as business starts rolling in. 

You can also get referrals from other pet professionals, like pet groomers or veterinarians. They send you clients and vice versa. This is a referral partnership. The mobile dog gym community is relatively new and small. So, it’s good to nurture these business connections.

#4 Set aside a budget for paid promotion  

If you have the budget, give paid ads a chance. Most social media platforms give you the option to create paid advertising campaigns. But remember to do your research before diving into paid marketing strategies.  

And be practical! Some businesses can afford to push $2k worth of Facebook ads per month. But don’t be afraid to start smaller.  Set a reasonable ad spend budget for your business. It’s okay to dip your toes in the water. You can always increase it over time. 

Keep an eye on the results of your paid marketing efforts, so you don’t repeat mistakes. As you grow, you’ll find out which ads perform best with a certain audience. Then, retarget the audience that interacted with your ads to maximize your efforts.

Important: As a local business, make sure you limit your advertising campaign to the zip codes where your mobile dog gym operates. 

#5 Maximize your organic reach with click-worthy content 

You can grow your mobile dog gym by creating engaging content for different platforms. It pays to make good content.

You attract more clients by creating high-quality, shareable content for blogs, email, and social media. It’s an opportunity to show off your services and your expertise. To get eyes on your content, you have to optimize it for search, i.e., use keywords, hashtags, and SEO best practices to drive traffic to your page. 

Also, remember to repurpose content for your mobile dog gym. For example, an hour-long podcast episode can become a blog post, multiple Tik Tok videos, and a Pinterest infographic. 

#6 Take advantage of local advertising

Local advertising is a mobile dog gym’s best friend. Chances are you limit your services to a certain town or city. So while online marketing is great, local advertising is a must for mobile dog gyms. You can bring in more clients with radio, billboard, and shop ads. (Just make sure they’re  within your budget.)

You can also market your mobile dog gym by participating in community events. Attend local fairs and dog shows, or set up a booth at a pet professional conference. At community events, you can chat with potential clients and even show off your skills in front of competitors.

#7 Use SMS text marketing to nurture leads

You probably already have your best marketing tool, i.e., your client’s mobile numbers. You can boost your mobile dog gym bookings with a targeted text marketing strategy.

You can’t send product promotions or appointment reminders to encourage you to book your services again. It keeps your business on their minds and helps you get booked solid. Plus, text marketing has industry-high open rates, so you’re sure to see results.

With PocketSuite’s Smart Campaigns feature, you can automate your SMS text marketing. It’s easy to create and send text promotions to targeted groups of clients to grow your business. 

Dog on a treadmill

The Bottom Line

Your mobile dog gym is always on the move. You can take it even further with a few simple marketing strategies. You’ll score new business and earn more money! 

PocketSuite can help you manage all those new clients. From booking to payments to online product sales, we’re an all-in-one app to manage your mobile dog gym.