7 Proven Marketing Strategies for Small Business Growth

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As great as it would be, small business growth doesn’t happen overnight. A solid marketing strategy is a must to maintain a steady stream of clients and increase your business revenue. But, as a busy business owner, it’s hard to find time to test marketing strategies for your small business. 

So, we want to help you out.

In this article, we dive into the most effective marketing strategies for small business owners looking to maximize their growth.

marketing strategies for small business

What’s the key to a strong marketing strategy?

Whatever marketing strategies you choose for your small business, it’s important to define your target audience and tailor your message to them. You can ensure your business stands out from the competition by creating a unique brand and message.

Your brand is more than design choices. Branding tells the story of your business. So, make sure it resonates with your target audience. To do this, research your competitors, learn what sets you apart  (i.e., what problem you solve that they don’t), and lean into this in your marketing message.

If you haven’t defined your target audience yet, it’s not too late! You can survey your current customers to build a profile of your ideal client. Find out their ages, income levels, and even hobbies, then talk to that ideal client when you create marketing assets.

What’s the best marketing strategy for a small business?

There’s no shortage of marketing strategies for small business growth floating around the internet. But only some have withstood the test of time and been proven to scale a business. 

Here are the best marketing strategies for small business growth.

#1 SMS Text Marketing

If you have been in business booking clients for a while, you likely have an amazing marketing asset you aren’t leveraging– the mobile numbers of all your past clients. 

SMS text marketing is about sending promotions and reminders to past clients, encouraging them to book again. SMS text marketing is proven to be the best tool to get booked solid quickly. 

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SMS text marketing has the highest open rates of any promotional marketing. PocketSuite not only provides every customer with a local business number but has marketing software to help pros manage an effective text marketing solution to keep clients loyal and coming back.

#2 Build an online presence

One of the most effective marketing strategies for small business growth is to create an online presence, i.e., a digital touch point, like a website, where clients can find details about your business while searching for services.

Your website introduces your business to potential clients.  First impressions matter. So, a professional, modern website can build trust between you and your clients. Clients use your website to determine if your services are a good fit. And, with all the competition on the web, you only have a few moments to hold their attention once they find your site. So, be creative and concise.

Make sure your website has the basics, including:

  • Service Descriptions
  • Location/Service Area
  • Contact  
  • An “About you” page
  • Client reviews
  • Pricing or quote form
  • Cancellation policies

To create a website site, you’ll need to use a CMS like WordPress. Or, if you have the budget, look for a professional website designer. Either way, it’s easy to embed your PocketSuite booking widget onto your website. 

And remember to optimize your website, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

#3 Start a blog

According to Demand Gen, 44% of people view three to five pieces of content before making a purchase. So, it’s no wonder blogging is one of the most popular marketing strategies for small business growth. 

It takes time to create effective blog posts and even longer to build an audience, but the results are worth it. In general, more eyes on your blog posts lead to more clients for your business.

And you don’t even have to write for your own blog. Bloggers need entrepreneurs to create expert content on their websites. You can guest post on other sites to market your business. They likely give you an author’s bio where you can add a blurb about your business and a  link to your website.  

marketing strategies for small business

With guest posting, you’ll build a reputation as an industry authority, and you may be able to earn some extra cash. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional writer to get started.

From an SEO point of view, to help local people find your business, you are going to want to have the website you host your blog linked to your business listing on Google Maps. Then post content often that mentions the city in which you work as well as the professional keywords for your business.

#4 Invest in paid advertising

With one of the highest ROIs, paid advertising stands out amongst other marketing strategies for small business growth. And it’s easy for business owners to get started. 

You can push PPC ads on Google or your most pro flic social media channel. Most popular social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, offer a paid advertising feature for business owners and creators. 

Remember to be practical about paid marketing strategies. Define a reasonable budget for the size of your business (even if you start small).

The beauty of paid ads is that they allow you to target specific demographics. Here’s a tip: As a local business, make sure your ad campaigns are limited to the zip codes where you carry out business.

You can track the results of your paid ads to improve them over time. You’ll learn which ads resonate with your target market by how they engage with content. So it’s easy to decide which audience to retarget. 

#5 Offer incentives for referrals

We can’t talk about marketing strategies for small business owners without mentioning referrals. As a small business owner, referrals (i.e., people who were recommended to your business by friends, family, or other businesses) are your best bet at landing loyal clients. 

To get referrals from current clients, offer incentives for them to recommend your services, like products or discounts. Typically, current clients are rewarded for each new client they bring in.

marketing strategies for small business

Also, you can land referrals by forming referral partnerships with other professionals in your industry. It’s mutually beneficial. You’ll recommend clients to them, and they’ll send some your way. You get more business and build a community in your niche. It’s a win-win.

#6 Grow your social media pages

Of course, social media is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies for a small business. This is because social media builds brand awareness quickly! 

It doesn’t take much to get started on your business social media accounts. You can post before and after photos of clients, videos of your services, and even advice for other business owners. Who knows? One day, you can become an influencer in your niche and earn money from brands for promoting their products. 

Social media is also a powerful customer service tool. Once your business page is up, expect DMs from your customer. For some clients, it will be their preferred way to communicate. Meet them where they are. It’s a small personal touchpoint that makes all the difference.

#7 Build an email list

Last but not least is email marketing. Email marketing strategies are gold for small business owners. Fill your emails with rich content, and you’re sure to bring in new business. 

It’s a good idea to share content you’ve already created, like blog posts and videos, with your email list. To get readers to opt into your email list, offer freebies like business templates or ebooks. Then push curated, helpful content. 

When you’re ready to launch your first email campaign, try low-cost platforms like Mailchimp or Drip to get your feet wet. Just avoid sending spam emails.

marketing strategies for small business

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to attract new clients and increase your income? Marketing helps. You can try several marketing strategies for small business growth at a time. Just remember to keep track of your results to make sure they’re effective. 

PocketSuite can help you grow. We have dynamic features to manage your business, communicate with clients and market your services. From booking to payments to contracts, you have everything you need to grow your business straight from your phone.