Working For Yourself In Dallas: How Much Can You Make?

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How Much Money Can I Make Working For Myself? 

One question almost everyone has before they start a new business is, “How much money can I make working for myself?” 

The answer depends on many factors from what kind of business you start, to how smart you set up your business to where you live. Regional variation can also be a big factor in how much you can earn in a particular field.

In this new series, we are going to share how people working for themselves are doing in different US Cities. If you don’t see your city yet, find us and comment on PocketSuite’s social media and maybe we will run the numbers in your area next. 

We will also break down average earnings with three popular self-employed industries in Dallas Fort Worth: pet professionals, beauty professionals and fitness professionals. 

All of this data is real and based on what some inspiring Pros are making in these cities on the PocketSuite App. Since the people in this data set are people using the best business tools, they may be doing a little better than average but nothing you can’t aspire to by also working smart. 

Dallas Fort Worth

How much can you make working for yourself in Dallas Fort Worth? It just so happens this North Texas City is one of the top places for solopreneurs and small business owners in the whole country. Maybe it’s the independent North Texas spirit that makes this town one of the best places to work for yourself.

What you can make working for yourself in Dallas depends a lot on your industry and how well you run and promote your business. However, many pros in North Texas are living and thriving.

We pulled some data from solopreneur pros working in Dallas Fort Worth and saw some very promising numbers: 

The top 10% of solopreneurs in Dallas Fort Worth made over $114,000 in 2021. 

These solopreneurs came from 67 different industries ranging from dog walkers to wedding planners. As the top 10%, these were pros well beyond their side hustle days, running and promoting their business with the best tools. 

In our next sections we will start breaking down these numbers by industry. 

Dallas Fort Worth: Spotlight on The Beauty Industry and Estheticians 

The beauty industry is a top area where successful people work for themselves in Dallas. In fact, people in the beauty industry including estheticians, lash-techs, makeup artists, hair stylists and nail-care professionals made up 45% of solopreneurs working for themself in Dallas Fort Worth and running their business on the PocketSuite App. That’s nearly half of all self employed pros in Dallas. And beauty professionals in Dallas are living their dream and thriving. 

The top 10% of estheticians in Dallas Fort Worth made over $97,000 in 2021. 

Dallas Fort Worth: Spotlight on Pet Professionals

Working with animals can be a dream career for many people and a lucrative path to having the freedom of working for yourself. The top careers of people working for themself in the pet industry in Dallas Fort Worth are dog trainers, dog walkers and pet groomers.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry reached 99 billion dollars nationally in 2020 and is projected to see record growth over the next decade. Pet professionals are definitely sharing in the prosperity in Dallas Fort Worth.

The top 10% of dog trainers in Dallas Fort Worth made over $160,000 in 2021.

Dallas Fort Worth: Spotlight on Fitness Professionals

Fitness is a great passion point for many people and making a full time living in the gym is a dream for many people. And while fitness training is well suited to side hustling and monetizing a passion, it also can be a full time career. In Dallas, there are pros living that dream and working for themselves training at the gym.

The Top 10% of Fitness Entrepreneurs working on their own in Dallas made over $63,000 in 2021.

Taking it to the Next Step

This data set of incomes was taken from solopreneurs working for themselves, totally on their own. For many people this is the dream and provides a life of maximum freedom and happiness. Many other professionals decide to take the next step to grow their business beyond what they can do all by themselves and hire people to work at their spas, gyms or businesses. These pros have much greater responsibility but the sky is also the limit for a successful growing business.