The Best Nail Salon Management Software in 2023

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Just like nail art, running a business is all about the details. From appointment reminders to payments to product sales, you need nail salon management software to make sure nothing slips through your fingertips. So, whether you’re a solo nail tech or manage a team, an app like PocketSuite runs your nail salon smoothly as a fresh set of acrylics.


Keep reading to find out how PocketSuite can help manage and grow your nail salon.

What is nail salon management software?

Nail salon management software is a mobile or desktop app that helps run your nail salon. Most nail salon management software handles everyday business processes, like booking online appointments, accepting payments, and managing client communications. But if you want to truly automate your nail salon (and save yourself a headache), you’ll need a booking app with more intuitive features, like targeted marketing campaigns and an online store.

Nail salon management software is key to building a small business. It increases your revenue and boosts client retention by automating those time-consuming business management tasks. Not to mention, you get back hours in your day while taking some of the pressure off your team and improving your clients’ experience. It’s a win-win.

And with all that extra assistance, you can compete with larger nail salons in your area. Now all you have to do is find the software that works best for your business. 

What’s the best nail salon management software?

There are dozens of nail salon management software on the market. Some are designed with client-based business owners in mind, while others offer a marketplace where clients can browse other local nail salons. There are few that only offer one feature, like accepting payments, which means you’ll have to pay for other apps to fill in the gaps. 

nail salon management software

The best booking app will offer an all-in-one solution for your nail salon. Most importantly, the right booking app is sure to keep your clients happy. And happy clients mean more rebooking and more money in your pocket.

Here’s why PocketSuite is the best nail salon management software.

#1 Automate Booking

With all the hustle and bustle of a nail salon, automation is a lifesaver. It pays (literally) to have a tool that can schedule clients and reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders without a hitch. PocketSuite makes it easy for clients to book you online through your customized booking site. 

PocketSuite’s booking tool makes it so:

  • You or your client (depending on your settings) can confirm an appointment with just a few clicks.
  • Your calendar and availability update automatically with your new bookings. And you can sync your Google Calendar to get a holistic view of your schedule.
  • You can set buffer and lead times, so you and your team can prep (or relax) between appointments.

To keep clients happy and grow your business, an easy booking process is essential. So, whether clients are in for an express pedicure or gel overlay, they have total flexibility with scheduling. We handle the booking process. So you can spend more time doing what you love.

#2 Streamline Payments

Do you want to know the best way to make more money? Offer a variety of payment options! That’s why you need nail salon management software, like PocketSuite, to give you and your clients the ability to send and accept payment on your own terms.

We offer a range of payment methods so that clients can pay for your services online or in person. They include:

  • Card readers
  • Tap to pay on mobile phones
  • Mark paid for cash payments
  • Online payments button

With all these payment methods, you’re sure to keep your clients happy and pull in a consistent income. And your time is important. So, remember to add a cancellation policy and fee to your services. We’ll automatically charge clients if they’re late or miss an appointment. 

#3 Sell Products

More than likely, your clients are in the hunt for top-tier nail care products as well as a stellar nail technician. Luckily, you can offer them both by selling retail products as well as services. With PocketSuite, you get nail salon management software and an e-commerce solution in one. 

You can quickly set up an online store in the PocketSuite app without any extra fees. Just add products to your site, determine your pickup or delivery settings, and prepare to fulfill your orders. You’re sure to make some sales, whether you’re selling UV drying lamps or builder gel. By offering online products, you earn more money and make a deeper impression on your clients.

nail salon management software

The best part: You can upsell add-on products with your services in the PocketSuite app. So, if you have products that pair well with a service, like a foot scraper with a pedicure, your clients are promoted to buy the items at checkout. 

#4 Chat with clients

To grow a six-figure nail salon, it’s important to keep clients satisfied. PocketSuite makes it easy for you to increase your retention rates by connecting with clients. 

You can chat with clients directly in the PocketSuite app. All client communication is stored in one place, so you never miss a beat. And to take some of the load off, you can create and save message templates to send to clients. 

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We think client communication should be a #1 priority. So, we offer a dedicated business line to all premium subscribers. PocketSuite is the best nail salon management software to keep in touch with clients.  

#5 Boost Marketing

To take your nail salon to the next level, you’ll need an A+ marketing strategy and nail salon management software that can carry it out. From gift certificates to online leads collection to a dedicated landing page to share your links in your bio, PocketSuite has dynamic tools to help market your business. 

And you can head into the app to nurture your clients and leads with SMS text marketing. With PocketSuite’s smart campaigns feature, you can send automated text campaigns to a targeted list of contacts.

Text marketing is the best way to get new reviews, reengage old clients or announce discounts and promotions. You’ll grow your business by connecting with people directly on their phones.  

Just make sure to register your business number with TCR so your messages aren’t labeled as spam. 

nail salon management software

The best app for your nail salon

Good nail salon management software is key for a nail technician. You need an app that can do the heavy lifting, like automating your appointments and managing client communications. 

PocketSuite is the perfect nail salon management software for your small business. You can book appointments, accept payments and sell products straight from your phone.