Are online nail tech schools legit?

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Do you have a passion for nail art but no time to explore it? Are you looking to perfect your French tip without breaking your budget? Well, it’s time to look into online nail tech schools. 

Whether you’re an aspiring cosmetologist or you want to expand your salon offerings, you can train to be a nail technician from the comfort of your own home. There are many online nail tech schools to choose from. But first, you have to know what to look for in a course. 

That’s where we come in!

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about online nail tech schools.

online nail tech schools

Can I learn nail art online?             

Yes, but there are limitations. Typically there are two ways to learn nail art online: (1) through an accredited cosmetology course at a college or beauty school or (2) through an e-learning marketplace.

Cosmetology School

Usually, you can train to become a nail technician as a part of a cosmetology course at your college or beauty school. And you’ll leave with a stunning portfolio to show off to clients. 

In general, nail tech programs at cosmetology schools teach you:

  • Nail art, design, and hand techniques
  • Cleaning and sanitizing your tools to keep you and your clients safe from harsh chemicals
  • Business management basics, including tracking inventory, managing team members, payroll, etc
  • Interpersonal skills 

These programs often offer some virtual courses. However, it may be challenging to find a nail technician program that’s entirely online. After all, nail art is a very hands-on practice. You usually have to complete in-person training on real clients at your school’s beauty clinic. 

Not to mention, cosmetology schools provide students with hundreds of hours of training so they can qualify for a state license after graduation. Online courses tend to be short and concise, maybe only two to six hours. 

If you’re working towards an associate’s degree in cosmetology, you’ll likely have the option to complete your liberal arts courses online.

E-learning Marketplaces

If you’re not ready to commit to beauty school, you can find informative and engaging nail technician courses on e-learning marketplaces like Udemy or Skillshare. 

These courses are highly rated and provide a lot of practical knowledge, like nail structuring, sculpting, and color composition. They also tend to be affordable, ranging anywhere from $20 – $300. (And some are free!)

However, while you may receive a certificate for completing these courses, they may not count towards your required training hours or be approved by your state to receive a license/registration. These courses may be a better option if you want to dip your toes in nail art before committing to the profession or if you just want to learn new techniques as a licensed nail technician.

Can online nail tech schools prepare you for a nail tech license?

Be sure to check your state’s licensing requirements before enrolling in online nail tech schools. Usually, your program must be approved by the state to qualify for a cosmetology or manicurist license. 

For example, while you don’t have to take the Florida cosmetology exam, you must complete at least 180 hours of training in a Florida nail program to register as a nail specialist. On the other hand, in Texas, you can obtain a manicurist license by completing 600 hours of instruction in a licensed beauty school.

online nail tech schools

Online nail tech schools are a great option if you’re looking to gain continuing education credits to renew your license. States usually provide a list of licensed beauty schools and continuing education providers. 

What is the best online nail tech course?

The best online nail tech course depends on your specific goals. Some online nail tech schools will focus mostly on design and technique. Others will teach you skills to manage clients and grow a business. So, explore all your options before enrolling in a program. 

Ask yourself: 

  • What city do I want to practice nail art in? 
  • How much can I invest in my education?
  • Do I want to start my own business or work in a salon or spa? 

There are many legitimate online nail tech schools to choose from. Cosmetology courses are available at most community colleges. And there are likely a number of independent beauty schools in your area. (Just check their accreditation first!)

online nail tech schools

Your best bet is to choose a nail technician program that meets your state’s licensing requirements and prepares you to be a business owner. After all, the purpose of online nail tech schools is to further your career. 

Here are a few state-approved online nail course providers:

  • CE Training Courses is registered as an approved CE cosmetology course provider in multiple states. Offers online gel nails courses as well as health and safety courses for nail technicians. 
  • Elite Learning offers continuing education courses for licensed professionals. For example, in their course, The Business of Nails, you’ll learn about the nail industry and its role in fashion and pop culture. It’s available to Georgia, Illinois, and North Carolina residents for only $10. 
  • Salon Centric is a leading wholesaler and supplier of licensed cosmetologists. They also offer professional courses and are approved CE provider in multiple states.

What are the career outcomes for nail tech school?

A nail tech career is more than manis and pedis. You’ll act as an expert advisor for your clients on how to care for hands, feet, and skin. And they’ll look to you for product recommendations. Nail techs don’t just work in salons, spas, hotels, and other businesses that are looking to hire. 

Or, you can start your own independent nail technician business. You build a list of loyal clientele, set your rate and grow your income! 

How many days does it take to learn nail art?

Usually, it takes several months to two years to complete a cosmetology program at a college or beauty school. If you’re pursuing an Associate’s degree in Cosmetology, prepare for two years of courses (and tuition). But, a nail technician certificate may last only one semester or six months.

If you’re learning nail art from an e-learning marketplace course, are usually less than 6 hours of training. Either way, you’ll need lots of practice and deification to perfect your craft. 

online nail tech schools

It’s time to enroll!

Online nail tech schools are a good option whether you want to dip your toes into nail art or you’re a licensed nail tech in need of CE credits. However, aspiring nail techs may want to stick to traditional beauty programs (with some virtual courses) to make sure they meet all the necessary requirements for their license!

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