Clients, appointments, payments & messaging - in 1 app

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The headache of spreadsheets ends today

Keep all your client history and note-taking in one location - that's mobile. Track your client's sitting & walking history, payment history, notes and more.

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Save hours scheduling client appointments

An elegant (and mobile) calendar makes scheduling & rescheduling fun! Schedule walks/sits and even promotional packages that are specific to YOUR business. Integrate online booking to accept bookings from your website and social media pages. 

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Never miss a payment

Send invoices and charge clients - all for a flat 2.7% processing fee. Track every payment by client, and even set up recurring customer billing. No Square swiper or clunky PayPal logins necessary.

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Other walkers or sitters on your team?

Have partners, admins, staff who work for you? Invite them to join your team and easily view/manage all your team staffing, payments and transactions.

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Thousands of dog walkers & sitters use PocketSuite to build better relationships with their clients

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