PocketSuite now gives you the ability to organize all your leads by 'lead source' and cost, helping you measure how much you're paying and making for each new client...your "ROI" (Return On Investment).


Eager to get NEW leads? Check out our Growth Handbook tips to help your business grow:


If you run your own business (big or small), you want to grow – plain and simple.

In this Handbook, we give you FREE advice on how to set your business up for major growth.

Our goal is simple: to help you win as many clients as possible in the simplest and most cost-efficient ways.

Table of Contents

The Free Listings
Social Media
Cost per Click
Premium Listings
Discounts & Deals
Pay per Lead/Introduction
Pay per Transaction (“On Demand”)
Customer Referrals
Final Thoughts



Where are leads and how can the Handbook help?

When we say “leads” we mean your potential clients. And where are they? They’re online. That’s just a fact. And rule #1 of growth is: be where your clients are.

If you’re either just starting out or if you’ve been in business for 20+ years, you need to be at the center of where consumers search for the help and service they need. Clients nowadays search in all types of different ways for specific services.

In our Handbook, we outline the most useful lead generation and advertising platforms on the internet today as it relates to getting new clients. We explain the pros and cons of each platform, to help you better understand upfront (before investing any time or money) if specific platforms will work for you, if they will help you reach your growth goals, and what risks are presented with each. We also give you detailed tips on how to get started so if you do choose to experiment with a platform, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Lest it also not be forgotten – one of the best resources to tap for growth is actually your own client base. With a reported 83% of all clients wanting to refer the professional they like, it’s important to learn crucial tools to help drive your customers to do your marketing for you (as outlined herein)!