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As a life coach, you know change is necessary for growth. And the same rule applies to your business. If you want to hit your six-figure income goal, it may be time to shake things up and take your coaching services online.  As an online life coach, you can expand your client base and make more money. 

In this article, we teach you how to increase your life coach salary with an online coaching business. 

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What is an online life coach? 

Life coaches are mentors in different aspects of a client’s lifestyle, whether personal or professional. They help clients set goals, develop new skills, and achieve tangible results. Clients seek out a life coach when they’re looking to change but don’t know where to start or feel stuck.

As a life coach, you’re part advocate and part consultant in your client’s journey to the best version of themselves. Whether they’re looking to make a career pivot or improve interpersonal relationships, you help them in the right direction. It’s an incredibly rewarding career. And the best part is that you can perform your services virtually from the comfort of your own home. 

An online life coach takes this role to the internet. Online life coaches may do a mix of online and in-person sessions or be entirely virtual. It’s about what works best for your business and your clients. 

Important: Currently, you don’t need certification or formal training to get started as an online life coach. However, there are a few well-respected organizations, like the ICF and NBWHC, that offer certifications for coaches. You learn essential skills to help your clients. Plus, you may find it easier to book clients and earn more money with a life coach certification.

Can you make good money as a life coach?

In general, life coaches make about $40,850 annually. But you can make over six figures by building a loyal client base and scaling your business. As an independent life coach, you’ll set your own rates. And you’ll be able to diversify your offers. 

What type of life coach makes the most money?

As a life coach, you may choose to have one or two niches. Life coaches often specialize in the following:

  • Mental health or addiction
  • Nutrition and Fitness 
  • Spirituality and faith
  • Professional career development 
  • Financial planning, debt management
  • Relationships 

Or, you might add life coaching to your existing business. For example, you may be a licensed psychologist who is also a relationship coach or a fitness trainer that offers nutrition and wellness coaching. 

The amount of money you can make will vary based on the type of life coaching you provide, your years of experience, and how you price your services. Typically, you’ll make more money if you have a high-demand niche like career coaching or weight loss coaching.

online life coach

How do I start being an online life coach?

As an online life coach, you’ll be super busy interviewing clients and helping them reach their goals. So, you need a tool that can take some of the load off and give you back a few hours in your day. Most life coaches use a booking app, like PocketSuite, to schedule appointments and run their business.

Here’s how you can use Pocketsuite to become a six-figure online life coach.

#1 Automate your workflow 

Like any small business, life coaching has a lot of moving parts. But it doesn’t have to be confusing. You can automate most of your business processes in PocketSuite. For example:

  • You may need a preliminary session to collect information from clients and work on your action plan. It’s easy to add an introductory call to your PocketSuite booking site. 
  • Our video conferencing feature allows you to add video call links to your classes.
  • Connect your Zoom account and Google Calendar. 
  • Attach forms to services or use them to provide personality assessments or skill tests to your clients. 

You only need one app to handle each part of your business.

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#2 Host Online Classes

Life coaching is all about collaboration. You can earn more money by diversifying your services with group coaching sessions. For example, you can host a job interview prep series for recent college graduates.  

In the PocketSuite app, you can create classes that allow multiple students to book your coaching sessions. You set the cost, cap, and enrollment type. And all scheduling can be done online through your custom booking site.

#3 Sell Courses

Online courses have become a staple offer for client-based businesses. You can grow your revenue by selling pre-filmed/written courses along with your coaching sessions. It’s a self-serve option for your clients. And it’s easy to add a course as a product in your online store with the PocketSuite app. 

Online courses are only the beginning. You can create and sell a variety of digital products for your life coaching clients. Perhaps you’ll sell resumes and cover letter templates or meal planners with recipes and nutrition info. The opportunities are endless. 

#4 Bundle your services

As an online life coach, you can expect lots of repeat clients. After all, your loyal clients need checking every step of the way. You can make it easier to serve them and grow your business by bundling your services as packages and subscriptions. 

It’s easy to create packages and subscriptions in the PocketSuite app. With packages, your clients will pay upfront for a group of services, like 4 career planning sessions. With packages, clients pay at set intervals for repeat sessions. You can give your subscription clients access to special discounts and promotions. They’re both excellent watts to retain clients. 

#5 Market your business

To get your online life coaching business off the ground, you’ll need to implement a solid marketing strategy. PocketSuite has tools that can help. Add your custom suite link to your social media bio, or send out targeted text campaigns to your clients.

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Ready, set, goal! 

Life coaching is an incredibly fulfilling, in-demand career. And as an online life coach, you can help clients from anywhere as you watch your income grow. 

PocketSuite can help you build your online life coaching business. We’re an all-in-one app to manage clients and run your business