Podcast: Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Life Coach?

< 1 min read • 1 May 2021

On this episode of Professional on the Go, we talk about life coaching as an independent service profession. We discuss:

  • What exactly is a life coach and how is it different than being a mentor?
  • Why do people hire a life coach?
  • How does someone get the professional credentials to be one? Is there state licensing?
  • How much money can you make as a life coach?
  • Do people often have both a therapist and a life coach, or just have one?
  • Is there a beginning and an end to life coaching work with a client or does it go on indefinitely?
  • Making the decision to start your own shop versus join an existing life coaching company
  • Advice for someone who is considering quitting their job to become a life coach.

Our guest is Kara Lowentheil from UnF*ck Your Brain, https://unfckyourbrain.com/. Kara is a Master Certified Coach and all about women’s empowerment. She is a no bullshit, no nonsense advisor on how to get your mind right and get your life on track.