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The wellness industry is booming. We see new trends popping up every year, like face exercises or digital detoxes. And clients are looking for experts to help them incorporate these techniques into their lives. If you’re a savvy wellness coach, this could be you! 

The wellness market is full of opportunities if you’re passionate about helping people improve their lives. But, it can be tough to stand out amongst your competition. That’s why we’re giving you expert tips to market your wellness coaching business and attract clients. Let’s go! 

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What Is a Wellness Coach? 

Wellness is all about the actions we take toward a healthier lifestyle. As a wellness coach, you’ll guide clients through these actions. Wellness coaches are part counselors and part accountability partners. You give clients advice, tools, and motivation to crush their wellness goals. 

Some people use the terms fitness coach, health coach, and wellness coach interchangeably. But there are some differences. A wellness coach manages the holistic health and needs of their clients, including:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental

For example, if a client wants to stop emotional eating, a wellness coach will recommend a diet plan, find the root cause of their eating habits, and give them activities to improve their relationship with food.

You’ll be with them every step of the way. 

Every client is different. But, in general, a wellness coach will:

  • Assess a client’s well being 
  • Set SMART goals
  • Create a plan to reach those goals
  • Support and motivate the client through the plan
  • Create exercise routines, nutrition plans, etc.
  • Suggest techniques to relax, manage stress and sleep better 
  • Celebrate their achievements 

How Much Does a Wellness Coach Make?

As a wellness coach, your salary depends on where you work. Wellness coaches can work in gyms, clinics, hospitals, or corporate businesses, helping employees reduce stress. You can also open a private practice and take your own clients.

A corporate wellness coach typically makes about $60,000 per year. But you can earn up to six figures by starting your own wellness coaching business. And you’ll have way more freedom. 

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Do You Need a Qualification to Be a Wellness Coach?

Before you get started as a wellness coach, it’s good to have professional experience or education in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, or counseling. Wellness coaches might start out as yoga teachers, therapists, or personal trainers.

You’re not required to get training or certification to become a wellness coach, but clients and employers will prefer it. Look for professional organizations, like the ISSA of AFPA, that offer health and wellness coach certifications. 

Most importantly, you need a passion for motivating others. Clients trust you with their biggest life challenges. You have to remain positive and uplifting when they struggle.

8 Wellness Coach Marketing Tips

There’s lots of competition in the wellness industry. But don’t worry. You just need some clever marketing techniques to stand out. Here’s how to market yourself as a wellness coach. 

#1 Choose Your Niche

Your business isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Pick a wellness niche that you’re passionate about and lean into it. You might focus on helping people build nutritious diets. Or, you can teach clients to create a stress-free work/life balance. It’s up to you! 

When you niche down, it’s easier for clients to understand why they should hire you over a competitor. Having a niche is especially good if you plan to market your business on social media. (And you should!) Eventually,  you reach an audience that wants exactly what you offer.

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#2 Level Up Your Content Marketing

To attract clients as a wellness coach, you must create content that makes them stop and listen. You can start a blog. Write about topics to show your fitness, mental health, or nutrition expertise. 

Blogging is a long con, but it pays off—more views on your posts = sign-ups for your wellness coaching session. And first impressions matter, so make sure you have a modern website to show off to potential clients. 

Also, remember to share your content with an email list. If you don’t have an email list, it’s time to build one. An email list is the best way to reach clients. You can deliver helpful and engaging content straight to their inbox. But don’t spam! (There are rules against this.)  

Offer incentives, like free templates and e-books, to get readers to opt-in to your email list. If your business is new, try low-cost email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp or Drip, to launch your first campaign.

#3 Referrals! Referrals! Referrals!

Referral marketing is gold for small businesses. As a wellness coach, you can build a community of partners that will send referrals your way. Wellness coaches can partner with fitness trainers, cosmetologists, therapists and career advisors.  These relationships should be mutually beneficial. You can build trust by sending them clients first. 

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You can also start a referral program for your clients. People are more likely to hire you if a trusted friend or family member has referred you. Give clients incentives, like cash or discounts, for every new client they send. You get more business, and your client gets rewarded for their loyalty. Everybody wins! 

#4 Retargeting

If you’re stuck on marketing ideas, retarget people who have interacted with your business in the past. Your best clients might have passed on you the first time.  And it doesn’t hurt to try again. Send those follow-up emails, or even just give them a call. You’ll have a better chance of landing them because they recognize your name.

Use this time to reconnect and understand their needs. It’s okay if they don’t need your services right now. Just remind them that you’re there if they ever do.

#5 Run Promotions

Everyone loves a deal. You can attract clients by offering discounts and promotions on your services. (But don’t overdo it.) Try offering a free consultation before the first appointment. This way, you can get to know each other while the stakes are low. Potential clients might not understand what a wellness coach does. Use this time to show them how your services can solve their problems. 

#6 Diversify Your Services

With so much competition, you must offer more than the typical coaching session. Here’s a tip: conduct a group workshop. Wellness coaching can be a big step to take for clients. Group sessions allow clients to get to know your business in a less intimidating environment.

Also, be specific and creative when promoting your services. Some people advertise a “1-hour session” or “coaching session” on their booking sites. But these don’t stand out, clarify what you do, or show how it benefits your customers. Try “Wellness Consultation for Stress and Anxiety Relief.” Much better, right?

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#7 Know Your Worth 

Research the wellness coaching market to find out what you should charge for your unique skills and experience. Don’t undervalue yourself. We know lowering your prices is tempting to attract more customers, but you must resist! Price yourself too low, and you could look like an amateur. Serious clients want an expert wellness coach, so they’re willing to pay for quality. 

#8 Hop on Social Media

Of course, social media marketing is a must. The good news: you have a ton of platforms to market your business (for free!) You can start a YouTube channel where you vlog about your own wellness routine and give viewers advice on creating their own. Or, give Tiktok a try. Don’t worry. You won’t have to learn any dances to build a following. Look at accounts in your niche and do what works for them. Just remember to be authentic. 

The Bottom Line

As a  wellness coach, you’ll help clients pursue a healthy and happy life. But first, you’ll have to break through the crowd. To market your wellness coaching business, find your niche and use proven marketing strategies to attract more clients, like referral marketing, retargeting, and social media.

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