All-In-One Scheduling App by PocketSuite

Book more new business, have clients show up on time (and still get paid if they don’t), grow your team, and have new customers sign digital contracts – these are just a few of the features that make PocketSuite’s all-in-one business app outstanding.

Plus the day, week, month, agenda, map views and color coding are fantastic too!

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All-In-One Scheduling: Professional Calendar

See how busy you are at a glance with color coding for any day, week or month. This calendar is designed to make a busy day run itself with everything you need to serve all your clients.

Market and Grow your Business:

Leads and Reviews

Every calendar booking is an opportunity to grow your business. PocketSuite’s powerful marketing tools help you earn more 4 & 5 Star Reviews from happy customers and use them to win more leads from the most powerful marketplaces in every zip code.

Get Paid:

Payments and POS

Earn 30% more on average when you connect PocketSuite’s powerful tools for getting paid to each of your calendar appointments. PocketSuite’s payment options add up to a lot more money in your pocket with top features that include:

  • Credit card deposits & enforceable cancellation policies
  • Tap-to-Pay
  • POS Card Reader
  • Buy Now Pay Later financing for your clients
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Smart Online Booking

Get booked solid with options for direct online booking and lead forms. Both paths offer a professional booking experience sure to impress your clients.

  • Create a professional booking site organized by categories and services
  • Use a lead form to capture the information you need to book potential new clients

This Calendar has Text Messaging for Businesses from a Local Number:

Registered Local Business Number

Every PocketSuite account comes with an option to upgrade to a local business phone number for business calls and SMS text. SMS texts have the highest view rate ensuring your clients show up and pay you on time.

Automatically send appointment reminders from a local number
Keep your business messaging separate from your personal life
Unlock value with SMS text business marketing to create repeat bookings and promote new offerings
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Seamless Client Onboarding:

Digital Contracts
and Forms

Digital contracts and forms get you the legal protection and information you need to do your job. Attach digital contracts and intake forms to your appointments so you have a signed agreement every time a new client shows up on your calendar.

Advanced Scheduling and Payments:

Automations for Thriving Businesses

PocketSuite’s advanced payment features collect recurring payments and subscription revenue on auto-pilot. You can also sell packages (bundles of sessions or classes) and let PocketSuite track usage. Plus, you can book large groups and manage class enrollment with our intuitive scheduling features.

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Effortless Staffing:

Team Calendars, Payroll and Communications

Do you have a team or plan to hire someday? PocketSuite makes it easy to manage your team and coordinate the calendar and schedules for everyone. It even helps you with payroll.

There are also great tools for franchises, multi-location businesses, and business owners with multiple brands!

Franchise and

PocketSuite has a special edition built to serve Franchise and Multi-location systems all-in-one app. It offers support for everything from onboarding new franchisees/locations, CRM and lead routing, franchisee royalty payment collection, and roll-up reports for your entire business.

White Glove Service

With PocketSuite’s 11-star customer service, everyone gets to their destination. For those who want extra attention, we offer an exclusive White Glove Service. You can purchase this service to have our experts do your account setup and optimization for you. It’s an excellent option for busy professionals who need a perfect technology configuration with zero hassle.

Plus, we have Fast Features for those who want that extra level of service for a single feature. We’ll set up the feature for you rather than tell you how to do it yourself.

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