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Are you looking for Jobber alternatives? You’ve come to the right place! Many mobile detailers try Jobber to manage their business. But there’s always room for improvement. 

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Jobber, why it may not be the best fit for your mobile detailing business, and compare the app to PocketSuite. 

What is Jobber?

Jobber is field service management software. Many home services businesses, like mobile detailers, pressure washers, and landscapers, use Jobber to schedule appointments, manage team members, and accept payments. 

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Is Jobber a good booking app for mobile detailers? 

While Jobber is a popular app, it may not be worth the cost to your mobile detailing business. Not to mention, many features that draw business to Jobber are actually integrations with other apps, i.e., more money out of your pocket. 

Here’s why small business owners might find themselves in need of Jobber alternatives. 

#1 Too Expensive 

Field management software is an investment, but is Jobber worth the cost? Jobber is notably one of the more expensive booking apps for mobile detailers. Jobber’s least expensive plan is a whopping $69 per month, and that’s only for a single user! 

Also, many essential features aren’t available on their Core plan, including online booking, automated appointment reminders, job forms, and two-way texting with clients. Online booking is essential for a mobile detailer. Otherwise, you spend hours on your computer doing a task that could easily be automated. It seems unthinkable to pay nearly $70 per month with no way to have clients book you online. 

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Jobber’s other plans range from $169 to $350 per month! Not to mention, you only get a 14-day free trial to decide if the app is right for your business. 

PocketSuite’s plans start at $24.99 per month. Plus, you get a 30-day free trial with full access to our dynamic features. It’s a no-brainer! 

#2 No built-in Leads and Review Feature

As a mobile detailer, you know how tough it is to attract and retain new clients. That’s why it’s essential to have tools that generate high-quality leads and solicit reviews from past clients. Unfortunately, Jobber does not offer a built-in lead generation and review feature. 

If users want to find leads and request reviews from clients, Jobber recommends integrating with another app, like Broadly or Thumbtack. This is an extra step for you and more money out of your wallet. 

PocketSuite wants to make it easy for you to find new customers and land those 5-star reviews. Our Google Leads and Review feature connects easily to your Google Business profile. In a few simple steps, you can add a book now button to your profiles so clients can book you through Google search or maps. Plus, we send automatic review requests to your clients for no extra charge! You can even respond to reviews in the PocketSuite app. 

#3 No built-in contracts

Contracts are essential for a mobile detailing business. You need to protect your business from legal action, and your clients want assurance that their high-value cars are in the right hands. Unfortunately, Jobber doesn’t have a built-in feature to create and sign contracts. 

Instead, Jobber users must integrate their accounts with Docu-sign to make contracts for their clients. This means users must pay an additional monthly cost for Docu-sign on top of Jobber’s hefty price tag. No thanks!

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PocketSuite allows you to create and sign contracts in the app at no extra cost. You can send them to your clients via text, email, or in-app messaging. Plus, we have pre-made contract templates for mobile detailers. So you can get set up in minutes. 

#4 No Partial Refunds

To small business owners, payments are everything. Unfortunately, Jobber’s payment functionality is limited, especially when it comes to issuing refunds to clients. 

Jobber doesn’t allow partial refunds on payments made through the Jobber app. Instead, you’ll have to use a time-consuming workaround, where you issue the full refund and then charge your clients again for the difference. This is frustrating when customers pay a deposit or pay in advance and don’t use the full value of their deposit.  Not to mention, clients will find it annoying to be charged twice just to receive a refund. 

On PocketSuite, you can do full, partial, and custom refunds. PocketSuite is the best way to accept payments for your mobile detailing business. You can accept multiple payment methods straight from your phone, whether you use tap to pay, a card reader, or mark paid to accept cash. 

#5 Limits on in-app messaging 

Quick and effective client communication is key for mobile detailers. Jobber does offer in-app “two-way texting” between you and your clients. However, you can’t share images with your clients through this feature. This can frustrate a mobile detailer when you need to share photo updates with clients. Plus, two-way texting isn’t even available on Jobber’s least expensive plan. 

Not to mention, you can’t use this “two-way texting” feature to message or start a group chat with your team. You’ll have to use email notifications or another app to remind your team members about appointments or schedule changes. 

With PocketSuite’s in-app messaging, you can message clients directly, send images and other attachments, and start a group chat with your team to keep everyone in the loop! In-app messaging is available for all PocketSuite users. 

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Are you ready to break up with Jobber? 

Jobber is a popular app to run a home service business. But Jobber’s hefty price tag, plus the cost of other apps you’ll need, may not be worth it. 

PocketSuite is the best Jobber alternative for mobile detailers. We have everything you need to schedule appointments, communicate with clients, and manage payments straight from your phone. We’re the all-in-one app to grow a mobile detailing business.