African Hair Braider School and Certification

• 25 March 2020
  • How StyleSeat Works for Hair Stylists and Salons
    Platform for Hair Stylists and Salons It’s 9:30AM, your first haircut is scheduled for 9AM, and your client still hasn’t showed up. Then you get a text message saying they won’t be able to make it today because of an emergency situation that probably has to do with them oversleeping. What do you do? For…
  • PocketSuite For Beauty Professionals
    One of the things that we hear most from beauty professionals, including hairstylists, nail techs, and makeup artists is that managing the “business-side” of their spa or salon is actually the hardest part of being an independent business owner. Some have even gone to work for larger spas and salons because it was just too…
  • Podcast: Harry Josh Shares His Story on Becoming a Top Celebrity Hair Stylist
    On this episode of Professional-on-the-Go, we are talking to Harry Josh who is a legend in the hairstyling, beauty, and fashion industry not only because of his tremendous skill in dressing the hair of celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tina Fey, Ellen Pompeo, Gisele Bundchen, but also because of his super successful product line,…
  • Why you should get your Cosmetology License – Hairdresser
    Let’s say you’re a solo-preneur hairdresser out to build your business. You may be asking yourself if you need to get a license. Or let’s say you own a salon and still haven’t been licensed to do hair in your state. You may we worried about the risks associated with operating without official state approval….

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