7 Reasons Beauty Pros Choose PocketSuite Over GlossGenius 

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Are you considering GlossGenius for your beauty business? Read this first. 

GlossGenius is a go-to booking app for hair, makeup, and skincare pros. But it’s still missing some essential features to run a beauty business. And you might need other apps to fill the gaps.

We dive into some issues with GlossGenius and compare the app to PocketSuite.

What’s the problem with GlossGenius?

GlossGenius is a leading booking and payment platform for beauty professionals. Hair stylists, make-up artists, and estheticians use the app to manage clients and run their businesses. 

On the surface, GlossGenius is a decent option. But when you dig in, the platform seems to be more style than substance. It’s an aesthetically pleasing app, but it’s missing some basic functionality. 

Here are seven problems users may have with GlossGenius and how PocketSuite solves them.

#1 Limited Forms 

As a beauty pro, forms and contracts are a must. Sometimes you need a client to fill out an intake form and agree to a contract before the appointment . But if you’re booking with Gloss Genius, you may be out of luck.

GlossGenius only provides forms and waivers on its Gold Plan. This plan is $48 per month, and it’s actually meant for teams. So, solo professionals have to pay double the cost of a regular subscription just to have this basic feature.

PocketSuite - Hairstylist sign up block

At PocketSuite, we know forms are essential. All our users have access to forms and contracts. You can attach them directly to your appointments. And to get you set up quickly, we even created custom templates just for beauty pros.

#2 Rigid Appointment Reminders 

Nothing’s worse than a no-show. That’s why beauty professionals rely on appointment reminders to keep their chairs booked.  

GlossGenius does send appointment reminders to your clients, but only 24 hours before the appointment. And they won’t send a reminder at all if they book less than 24 hours before an appointment. This might cause issues for your long-term appointments like bridal makeup or next-day services. 

With PocketSuite, you can send appointment reminders anywhere from 3 days to 2 hours before an appointment. It’s totally up to you! We know every client is different. So, you can even set a custom reminder frequency for specific clients 

#3 No Invoices or Estimates

Invoices and estimates are a staple for any service business. They help you land more bookings and get paid faster. GlossGenius will send your client a receipt after a payment has been made. But, oddly enough, GlossGenius doesn’t seem to offer invoices or estimates as one of their features. 

PocketSuite allows you to send custom invoices and estimates to all of your clients. You can add additional items or expenses and schedule invoices so they’re sent out automatically.

#4 No Business Line or Client Messaging 

It’s important to stay in contact with your clients. But it gets frustrating texting clients from your personal phone number. And GlossGenius doesn’t offer a solution for you to message directly. 

The app does send confirmation and follow-up texts to your clients. But clients can’t respond to you or vice versa, which makes communication complicated.

PocketSuite has advanced in-app client messaging and offers a business line to all premium subscribers. You see all communications with your clients in the PocketSuite app. And their replies come straight to you. You can even create and save message templates to share with clients quickly.

#5 Limited Booking and Services

GlossGenius’s booking workflow leaves a lot to be desired. For one thing, there’s no way to bundle your services as a package or membership. If you want to sell a package of services on GlossGenius, you can set it up as a single service. But, this makes it difficult to track the number of services your clients used in that package. 

PocketSuite allows you to sell services as packages or subscriptions. This way, you can make more money from a single sale. And we automatically keep track of appointment usage. 

Also, with GlossGenius, you have to take time to set up a client profile and add their details at checkout. This can be frustrating for last-minute or walk-in appointments. Booking shouldn’t be a pain. So, PocketSuite gives you the option to make anonymous charges and sales. 


#6 Short Free Trial

When it comes to business software, you need time to adjust. Unfortunately, GlossGenius only offers a 14-day free trial before you have to pay up. Are 14 days really long enough to decide if this is the best app for booking, payments, and marketing?

It’s likely you’ll spend most of that time transferring over your business without the opportunity to use your workflow before committing to a payment. Before you know it, you’re locked into an app that doesn’t work for you.

At PocketSuite, you have 30 days of free access to our full list of features. 

#7 Lacking Customer Support 

A lot can go wrong with a booking app. Just look at dozens of reviews this year of the GlossGenius app crashing. Crashes and bugs make it difficult to run your business. When they do happen, you need A+ customer service. 

According to GlossGenius reviews, you may not get much help. At PocketSuite, you can message our support team anytime, right in the app. Or, hop on to one of our customer support calls in PocketSuite Academy. 

Bonus:  Affiliate Opportunities

At PocketSuite, we love to reward our pros. Our affiliates earn $50 (real cash) for every referral who completes the purchase of an annual plan. And your referrers get $50 off their annual plan. 

GlossGenius does offer a referral program. But you and your referrers only get $30 worth of subscription credit, i.e., the money’s going right back into GlossGenius. 

The PocketSuite affiliate program puts money in your pocket!


Are you ready to make the switch?

With all the limits to GlossGenius, you may find yourself shopping around for other apps to fill those gaps. You can avoid that with PocketSuite. We’re an all-in-one app to run your beauty business. 

If you’re already using GlossGenius (or another booking platform), let our dedicated Imports Team upload your client and appointment data from GlossGenius into our app. It’s easy!

Read this guide to learn how to transfer from GlossGenius to PocketSuite.