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If you’re a small business owner, Facebook groups are your best friend. There are hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to hair professionals. They offer a space to connect with other stylists, learn new techniques and trends, and promote your business. The only question is: Which Facebook group should I join?

We found the best Facebook groups for hairstylists who want to learn and grow their business.

hairstylist facebook group

What’s the best Facebook group to join as a hairstylist?

Facebook groups are key to growing as a hairstylist. Here are the top Facebook groups for stylists in 2023.

#1 Ask Mags

Ask Mags is primarily a teaching group for stylists who want to learn about the industry. You must be a licensed hairstylist or cosmetology student. They will verify your ID, so have it ready before you hit “join!”

The group is run by Mags Kavanaugh, a hairstylist with decades of experience. She ran an award-winning salon in Clearwater, Florida. You can also check out for up-to-date articles on beauty science, trends, and techniques. 

Active since: 2013

Members: 20K+

#2 Hair extensions advice and support

Hair Extentsions Advice and Support` is a Facebook group dedicated to hair extension specialists. If you’re a qualified hairstylist looking to showcase your work, this is the place for you!

The group is also open to potential clients. They’ll be able to check out what’s available. So, you may get a few bookings. Plus, this group does have an announcement section to advertise products and services. It may be an excellent place to show off your PocketSuite affiliate link. Just make sure not to break any of the group’s rules.

This group was created by Michelle Montgomery.

Active since: 2020
Members: 70k+

#3 Hairdressers helping hairdressers- questions, tips, ideas, and inspiration

The group welcomes anyone in the hairdressing industry, including new professional and experienced stylists. It’s a creative and learning space to share, educate and inspire. Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers was created by Suzi Ward.

Active since: 2015
Members: 140k

#4 Hairdressing Advice Tips and Tricks

Hairdressing Advice Tips and Ttticks is the perfect online place to discuss your problems as a professional hairstylist, ask questions from other professionals and give expert industry tips. It’s a fun and inspiring community. This group is exclusively for professionals in the hair and beauty industry, such as hairdressers, apprentices, trainees, cosmetologists, and beauticians.

Active since: 2018

#5 Salon Business Owners

The group was started by Salon Ops, a coaching company for salons and spas in New Jersey. If you run a salon with employees or have booth renters, you’re welcome to join!

Active since: 2015
Members: 27k+

hairstylist facebook group

#6 Help for hairstylists

You can join Help for Hairstylist’s private group or follow their public Instagram page.

Members: 39k+
Active since: 2020

#7 Behind the chair

This group is exclusively for licensed beauty professionals or students enrolled in a beauty school. If you looking for advice, answers to your burning questions, or just encouragement on your journey as a beautician, this is the group for you!

Active since: 2009
Members: 76K +

#8 In salon education

In Salon Education is dedicated to educating hair professionals on practical salon knowledge. The group is exclusively for licensed professionals and students.

Members: 7K+
Active since: 2015

#9 PocketSuite Community

The PocketSuite Community is a great Facebook group for anyone with clients. Talk with other hair stylists using PocketSuite to grow their business. Ask for tips to set up your booking site and take advantage of other features. You’ll participate in polls and group discussions to learn how to use PocketSuite to earn more money. Sign up for PocketSuite to join this flourishing community.

Members: 2k+
Active since: 2016

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Join Today!

If you’re a hairstylist looking to connect with and learn from other professionals, facebook groups are a great place to start. Facebook groups can also be  a great tool for hairstylists to promote their business and get new clients. Just make sure you follow the group rules! 

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