How can I make my salon stand out? The Best Salon Ideas of 2024

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The beauty industry is always evolving, and salon owners need ideas to stay ahead of the curve to attract new clients and keep their old clients coming back. The competition is fierce, and customers have high expectations when it comes to the salon experience. If you’re a salon owner or an independent hairstylist, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best salon ideas to attract new clients.

What attracts clients to a salon? Ideas to bring new clients to your salon.

The salon business is competitive but rewarding. To attract clients, you’ll need to offer to create an unforgettable experience. Here are seven salon ideas to bring in new clients to your salon and keep them coming back.

#1 Create a welcoming ambiance

Your salon’s ambiance sets the tone for the entire client experience. Clients want a space that feels inviting, relaxing, and stylish. The right atmosphere will make clients feel pampered from the moment they walk in the door. Whether you own your own salon or rent a salon suite, be sure to invest in comfortable seating, soft lighting, and even soothing music.

#2 Hire the best of the best

Clients seek out salons with skilled professionals who can deliver top-tier results. Whether you’re hiring hairstylists or nail technicians for your salon, you need to know they can fulfill clients’ beauty needs with confidence. Be sure to train your staff and encourage them to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques.

#3 Offer in-demand services 

To get more clients in your door, stay on top of in-demand salon services. For example, offer personalized hair consultations. One-size-fits-all approaches don’t cut it anymore. Clients appreciate salons that offer personalized consultations to understand their unique preferences and concerns. By taking the time to listen and tailor your services to individual needs, you demonstrate your commitment to client satisfaction and build brand loyalty. You can even earn some extra money from these consultations.

What types of services are most requested in a salon?

Your requested services will vary depending on current trends, client preferences, and even location! But there are a few tried and true services that never go out of style. Make sure these are on the service list:

  • Haircuts and Styling: Haircare services, including haircuts, styling, and treatments, are consistently in high demand.
  • Hair Coloring: Whether it’s covering gray hair, achieving a natural look, or making a bold statement with vibrant colors, hair coloring services are immensely popular. From highlights and balayage to full-color transformations, clients seek out skilled colorists to achieve their desired look.
  • Manicures and Pedicures: Nail care services are a staple in many salons, with clients indulging in manicures and pedicures to keep their hands and feet looking and feeling their best. Gel polish, nail art, and spa treatments are often requested add-ons.
  • Facials and Skincare Treatments: As skincare becomes increasingly important in beauty routines, facials and skincare treatments are in high demand. You may want to collaborate with a local esthetician or have one on staff. 

#4 Make hygiene a priority

Cleanliness is non-negotiable in the salon industry. Clients prioritize a clean and hygienic environment when they choose a salon. They want to feel confident that their health and safety are prioritized. Maintain impeccable workstations and equipment to reassure clients and earn their trust.

#5 Invest in High-Quality Products

The products you use during a session can make or break the client experience. Clients like salons that use high-quality, reputable products known for delivering A+ results. (And they’re willing to pay a premium for better products!) Invest in professional-grade products that align with your salon’s brand and ethos. For example, use hair care products with natural ingredients if you’re a holistic salon. 

Also, don’t hesitate to educate clients on the benefits of these products for their beauty routines. You may even make some product sales to earn an extra income.

#6 Offer Convenient Booking Options 

In today’s salon market, convenience is key. Clients prefer salons that make booking easy. Your best bet is to get a user-friendly booking app. Booking apps, like PocketSuite, give you an online booking site and send out automated reminders to streamline your booking process and enhance the overall client experience.

#7 Get more online reviews

Referrals and reviews are the most powerful tools to get new business for your salon. Clients often turn to online reviews to gauge the reputation and reliability of your salon. You should encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on your Google Business Page and social media channels. They will showcase your salon’s strengths and attract new clients in the process. PocketSuite makes it easy to solicit more 5-star reviews from clients with our Google Leads and Reviews feature.

The Bottom Line

Use these salon ideas to have the best business year yet in 2024! Remember, little details that make all the difference in building lasting client relationships and thriving in the competitive beauty industry. PocketSuite can help. We’re an all-in-one scheduling tool for salon owners and independent stylists. We offer everything you need to run a successful hair business.