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Do you need a break from your fitness studio? We have an idea: attend a fitness conference. At fitness conferences, you network with other fitness trainers and learn from industry leaders, all while earning credit toward your next certification. 

There are dozens of events to choose from. So, we compiled a list of the top fitness trainer conferences in 2023. 

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Which Fitness Conference Should I Attend in 2023?

Fitness trainers can take their pick from dozens of annual professional events. Professional groups and businesses host conferences across the country to bring together health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness experts. You can immerse yourself in seminars, live training sessions, and trade shows that will help grow your business.

Typically, you earn CEUs and CECs towards fitness certifications by attending these events. You can even watch some of the events online and earn credits from the comfort of your home.

Here are eight health and fitness conferences you can attend this year.

#1 IDEA World 2023

IDEA World, by IDEA Health and Fitness Association, invites over 150 fitness, business, and wellness experts to present industry-leading knowledge. You can learn about balance training, power vinyasa, designing a cycling program, or even developing your own personal fitness brand.

You won’t be stuck in a lecture hall for five days. The conference also features special events, including a welcome party, outdoor excursions, and a fitness and nutrition expo, where you can learn about new equipment, gear, and programs. 

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Day one of the conferences features “pre-event” intensives , where you can work towards a speciality certification, like functioning aging or indoor cycling. There are also post-event intensives on anything from rowing to postnatal fitness. These events may have additional fees.

You can earn up to 24 CECs by attending this conference.

Date: July 12th – 16th

Cost:  Non-members: $599 for the full conference. There may be additional costs to attend intensive courses.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

#2 2023 NSCA National Conference

The National Strength and Conditioning Association hosts the annual conference for strength and conditioning enthusiasts. 

You get four days of education and networking opportunities, including CSCS certification exam prep and seminars on anything from pre-workout supplements, caffeine research, and strength training in Basketball.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Andrea Hudy- Strength and conditioning coach for UConn Women’s Basketball team
  • William Sands, a retired sports scientist with extensive research experience
  • Dan Wathen, head trainer at Youngstown State University. 

You can earn up to 3 CEUs by attending this event.

Date: July 12 – 15, 2023

Cost: Non-members pay  $540 early bird, $570 regular, or $695 day-of ticket . Members get a discount rate.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, or Virtual

#3 Aspires Longevity 2023

The Aspires Longevity event is for health and fitness professionals dedicated to creating a long-term healthy lifestyle for their clients. This event brings together nine presenters to explore:

  • Aging wellness
  • Functional fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical Fitness

You learn about emerging research in physical fitness. mental health and mobility. It’s a good option if you work with clients who are older or have health conditions. 

You can earn 2 CECs by attending this online event. 

Date: May 5th

Cost: $69

Location: Virtual only

#4 Canfitpro Global Conference & Trade Show 

Canfitpro celebrates 30 years of its global conference. The event brings together 125 global experts to discuss research, techniques, and best practices in the fitness space. And don’t forget to stop by the trade show to browse emerging products and programs in the health and fitness space.

Also, you can take part in the subsequent Women Who Influence event. For one day of the conference (August 17th), hear specifically from female leaders in the fitness industry.

You can earn up to 12 CECs whether you attend online or in person.  

Date: August 16 – August 20th

Cost: Not available

Location: Toronto and Virtual

#5 ISSN Conference and Expo

The International Society of Sports Nutrition is a leader in sports nutrition and supplement research. And their fitness conference focuses on the science and research that inform fitness training. 

Attend this event to hear from certified trainers, researchers, and doctors on cutting-edge research and best practices in the health and fitness space. Seminar topics range from the risk of anabolic steroids to weight reduction supplements to postpartum athleticism. If you want to dive into sports science and nutrition, this is the event for you! 

You can earn CEUs and CECs towards NASM, CDR NSCA, ISSN, and ACSM certifications by attending this event.

Date: June 15th – June 17th

Cost: Non-members pay $399 (early bird) or $499 (regular) 

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6 The Fit Summit

The World Health, Fitness & Wellness Festival brings together health, fitness, and wellness professionals from around the world. This retreat-style festival offers everything from startup showcases to networking events and workout sessions.

Learn techniques from over 100 speakers and see how fitness professionals abroad are growing their businesses and improving their client experience.

You can earn up to 1.8 CEUs towards a NASM certification by attending this event.

Date: June 12th – June 15th 

Cost: $224 Us General or $1127 US VIP

Location: Singapore

#7 IHRSA 2023 

The Global Health and Fitness Association hosts its annual education and networking event for fitness pros. Learn from over 150 experts and innovators, from wellness industry professionals to fitness club managers, on running a successful fitness business. Topics include:

  • Fitness business trends
  • Attracting high-ticket clients
  • Collaborating with Physicians as a fitness pro
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for fitness business leaders
  • Pricing you services
  • Recession-proofing a fitness business 
  • AI in Health and Fitness
  • Preventing Workplace Injuries 
  • and much more!

And stop by the trade show to experience products, services, and equipment from over 300 exhibitors.

You can receive CEUs towards ACE, NASM, AFAS, NESTA, NCSF, and NSCA certifications by attending this event. 

Date: March 20-22 (You can still register for virtual content from the event through April 24th)

Cost: Virtual: $220 (non-members)  In-person: Not available

Location: San Diego or Virtual

#8 ACSMs International Health & Fitness Summit 

This fitness conference is hosted by the  American College of Sports Medicine. It features three lecture tracks, so you can choose which group of workshops and panel discussions best fit your interests: 

  1. Science to Practice – This track takes research and puts it into practice for fitness routines. Explore topics like functional aging or postpartum corrective exercises.
  2. Business of Fitness – This track highlights business management best practices for fitness professionals, from social media engagement to client retention to risk management.
  3. Fitness Pro Focus – This track emphasizes self-improvement for fitness pro through education and professional development. You can get your cycling certification or learn how to prevent burnout.

You can earn up to 13.25 CECs in person and up to 18 CECs online. ACSM also offers a one-year membership with event registration.

Date: March 16th – March 18th

Cost: Non-members $489  in person or $419 online 

Location: Arlington, VA, or Virtual

Register Today! 

Fitness conferences are absolutely worth it! They give you an opportunity to improve your craft and grow your business. You connect with and learn from industry experts and other trainers. And you’re sure to learn new ways to help your clients.

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