Aikido Instructor Associations

There are a few helpful associations for Aikido Instructors, where you can gain great insight into the career. One of note is The International Aikido Federation which has operated since 1976 and has members in over 40 nations. 

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Aikido Doshinokai Association

An Overview of Aikido Doshinokai Association The Aikido Doshinokai Association and its members share the objective of advancing the standards, ...
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United States Aikido Federation

An Overview of United States Aikido Federation The United States Aikido Federation (USAF) is a non-profit organization (501-C3). The USAF ...
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The Aikido Kokikai Federation USA

An Overview of The Aikido Kokikai Federation USA The mission of the Aikido Kokikai Federation USA membership organization is to: ...
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The Aikido Association International (AAI)

An Overview of The Aikido Association International (AAI) The Aikido Association International (AAI) is the global arm of the Aikido ...
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