Aikido Instructor Career Overview

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What does an Aikido instructor do?

Aikido instructors teach students the methods and philosophy underpinning the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which is described by its creator as “a way of practitioners defending themselves while also protecting their attackers from injury.” Its technical curriculum consists of mostly throws and joint locks, but also comprises philosophical and religious beliefs. Developed originally in the 1920s in Japan, it is now found all over the world and has split off into several different styles, with almost all of them retaining the core principles.

How much does an Aikido instructor make?

The US Bureau of Labor reports that employment for all fitness instructors is likely to increase by 13% from 2018 through to 2028 as health and weight loss remain high priorities to the American Public. 

  • Projected job growth 2018-2028 22%
  • Median salary 2018 – $89,440

Resources to help in starting or expanding your Aikido Instructor career: