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What certifications are required for Taekwondo Instructors?

Required courses or training for this martial arts style will vary by state, so be sure to check the regulations where you live. 

There are a multitude of forms of Taekwondo to study. However, there is no agreed-upon list of styles – even if you limited the scope to just today. I think, then, the best way to categorize it would be based on popularity. Not only by universal popularity but by the organizations themselves. Here are a few examples in The United States Of America:

Kukkiwon – Of Koren descent with belt levels. The colored belts range from white to junior black belt (half black, half red) or plain red.

ATA – This is unequivocally a style. This style once practiced the Chang Hon style of forms and, later, entirely invented a new set of forms called Song Ahm. This organization is also the style’s namesake, and certifies dan, instructor, coach, referee, grading requirements, and style methods, among other things.

Kwan – There were once hundreds of Kwans, each teaching in their own way. Only about a dozen remain – even to this day. Any school member of any of these organizations receives their instructor certification from the federation that the school is affiliated with, not from the Kwan they are a member of. Similarly, the technique and sparring rules also are stipulated by the federation to which they belong.

There are no post-secondary studies in the field, although a degree in Korean history could be beneficial.