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As an esthetician, your career options are as varied as your services. The sky’s the limit! You can work in the spa of a cruise ship, assist the medical team in a hospital, or branch out and start your own business. Each has its benefits, but some esthetician jobs naturally pull in more cash. 

If you want to know how to make the most money as an esthetician, keep reading! We break down the most popular esthetician jobs and how much they pay. We also provide expert tips for finding clients.

Esthetician Jobs

Where Do Estheticians Work? 

You can find esthetician jobs everywhere, from beauty stores to physician offices. But most often, estheticians work as spa employees or solo estheticians with their own businesses. Here’s what you can expect from both. 

Spa Esthetician

Many estheticians find work in spas, resorts and hotels when they’re just starting out. Spa estheticians take whatever clients come in, but you can still bring in some of your own. And you’ll likely have to perform a range of skincare services.  

As a spa employee, you work full time at rates set by the spa owner. And you’ll likely earn a commission on services you perform. It’s a good gig if you want steady clients, but your rates are capped at what the spa owner decides. 

If you become a medical or master esthetician, you can also work in medical settings like clinics and hospitals. They also pay a fixed income. 

Solo Esthetician

Solo estheticians work wherever they choose. You can take clients in your home, go to their home or find your own studio.

As a solo esthetician, you build a client list and set your schedule. You offer whatever skincare services you want. So, you can specialize in facials or waxing etc. It’s up to you! And you can make much more money than spa estheticians, because you control your rates. Solo estheticians can make six-figures running their businesses.

And being a solo esthetician doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. It just means you’re independent. You can hire staff, form partnerships with other beauty professionals, or rent a spa booth and work alongside other solo estheticians.

What Are the Highest Paid Estheticians?

On average, estheticians make $37,300 per year. But this number doesn’t show the full picture. Estheticians can double their income by starting their own business, or pull in extra cash as a skin influencer. Your salary as an esthetician actually depends on your training, specialities, where you work and your years of experience. 

Here are some common esthetician jobs and how much you can expect to earn from them (according to Ziprecuiter).

Skin Therapists

Skin therapists work to improve the health of the skin. They’re experts on skin conditions like acne, sun damage and wrinkles. They can give advice and perform treatments to combat these issues, like hydra facials and microdermabrasion. . They are licensed estheticians and usually work in spas and physician offices. Skin therapists usually make up to $64,500 per year.

Hair Removal Specialists

Hair removal specialists are experts at keeping the skin smooth, healthy and hair free (sign us up!) They can perform different hair removal techniques but often specialize in one like: 

  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Depilatories (i.e., lotion or cream hair removal)
Esthetician Jobs - Wax Specialist

As a hair removal specialist, you can also offer electrolysis (permanent laser hair removal) to your clients to set yourself apart from the competition. But you’ll need special training and licensure. On average, hair removal specialists make up to $44,500 per year. Many do much better than that salary working on their own. 

Medical Estheticians 

Medical estheticians perform advanced skin care treatments in medical settings like hospitals or dermatologist offices. They help burn, chemo and plastic surgery patients heal and rejuvenate their skin. They’ll also help patients rebuild their confidence. A medical esthetician only performs non-invasive procedures. They’re not doctors, but they provide much-needed help to medical teams. On average, Medical estheticians make about $44,190 per year

Master Estheticians

Master Estheticians have a special license to perform advanced skin care procedures, like chemical peels and laser treatments. They receive more training than a traditional esthetician and, in some cases, can work as medical estheticians. Some use the terms interchangeably, but a master esthetician doesn’t have to become a medical esthetician. They might use their skills to open a spa or become a consultant. On average master estheticians can make up to $48,000.

Esthetician Jobs

Injection specialists

Injection specialists are trained to administer Botox, skin fillers and non-surgical body contouring. They’re called estheticians because they perform skin care treatments. But there’s a significant difference: Injection specialists are licensed medical professionals. Traditional estheticians are not allowed to perform invasive procedures like Botox injections.

Injections specialists are often nurse estheticians or cosmetic nurses, i.e., they become registered nurses then specialize in esthetics. But an injection specialist can also be a doctor. Injection specialists on average make up to $88,000 per year.

How Do Estheticians Get Clients?

All esthetician jobs have one thing in common: clients. Whether you work in a hotel spa or from your own studio, you must know how to attract clients. Here are our best tips to get clients as estheticians. 

#1 Get Certified

We know you’re eager to put your skincare skills to the test. But you must get your esthetician’s license before you can take on clients (or land high paying esthetician jobs). Clients want to work with licensed professionals so they know they’re getting their money’s worth. 

Be sure to check your state laws for licensing requirements. Usually you need to complete 600 hours of training and pass an exam. This might seem like a lot, but most of your training can be done as part of an esthetics course. 

If you complete an apprenticeship as part of your training, even better! You leave with field experience and coworkers that can vouch for your skills. 

Esthetician Jobs

#2 Tap Into Your Network 

If you want to bring in more clients, people have to know you’re open. So it’s time to reach out to your network. Ask past coworkers, esthetics teachers and even classmates if they know anyone in need of your services. Who knows? Your next client could be one LinkedIn message away.

Here’s a tip: Think about creating referral partners. Referral partners are other professionals in the beauty industry that can recommend you for esthetician jobs or send clients your way. And you’ll do the same for them. Makeup artists and hairstylists are great referral partners for estheticians.

Also, look into professional groups for estheticians. They can offer educational resources, expert advice and access to networking events. 

#3 Build A Portfolio 

Both new clients and potential employers want to see what you can do. And the best way to show off your skills is by creating a professional portfolio. Your portfolio can be a website or a dedication social media page for your business. It’s okay to brag here. So, be creative! You can showcase past clients, before and after pictures, or work you did in cosmetology school. 

While you’re at it, create a professional resume and cover letter to be ready when  new esthetician jobs pops up. 

Esthetician Jobs

The Bottom Line

Are you on the hunt for high paying esthetician jobs? Good news: You have options! You can find good esthetician jobs in spas and physician offices, but you’ll make the most money by starting your own business. Either way, you need to know how to attract and retain clients.

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