When your gym is more than a place to work out, you’ll attract more clients and keep them longer too

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With all the time and effort it takes to run a gym, marketing tends to fall by the wayside. And now more than ever, it’s important to create an unforgettable client experience for gym goers. If you’re looking for creative ways to attract clients to your gym, consider turning your gym into more than a place to work out. Make it a fun place to be, a community hub, or even a lifestyle.

Want some ideas?

We compiled a list of trending ways to make your gym a thriving community hub.

what do customers want from a gym

What do customers want from a gym?

A gym is more than a place to work out. With the right offerings, you can turn your gym into a central part of your client’s life. Clients can discover new products, invest in their self-care and make connections at your gym. By adding a few additional services, you can make your gym members feel special, increase the longevity of your business and earn additional income.

Here are five services to offer at your gym to attract and retain clients.

#1 Food Stalls

More than likely, your clients have health and nutrition goals along with their fitness goals. You can cover all their bases by offering food and supplements at your gym.  

You can sell protein shakes, granola bars, and even fresh fruit bowls. Or partner with local food vendors. You earn some extra income, aid your clients’ health journey and get to see a mother small business flourish. It’s a win-win.

The sky’s the limit: do a vegan pop-up stand one day or a homemade frozen yogurt stall the next. After all, who can resist a post-workout treat? Yum!

And feel free to sell the prepackaged food and supplements on your online store.

#2 Equipment and Clothing Shop

Of course, you’ll score big with retail items. You can reel in more clients by selling attractive workout clothing and high-quality equipment in your gym. If you understand the kinds of styles favored by your clientele, you can show them that your gym is really made for them while increasing your profits.

You can also sell equipment your clients need for their classes, like resistance bands or yoga mats. When your clients commit and buy the gear, they will feel more strongly that they want to stay.

Also, you can form partnerships with exercise brands and set up a little pop-up shop at your gym. Maybe you’ll display a few pieces around the studio to catch your clients’ eye and earn some commission on the sale. Or, better yet, create your own branded products and sell them to clients.

Whichever method you choose, use the PocketSuite app to keep track of your in-store inventory and sell products online. 

#3 Massage Services

After an intense workout session, your clients will be begging for a deep tissue massage. Why not offer fitness massage by hiring or partnering with a local massage therapist? They can provide massages right in your fitness center if you have the space for a massage room. 

Gyms charge anywhere from $30-$250 for a massage session, depending on the length of service and luxury appeal of the space you’ve created. You have the potential to earn some extra cash while improving your client experience. And you’ll build trust by showing them your commitment to their health and safety. To maximize your income from massage services, educate your clients on the benefits of massage therapy. 

what do customers want from a gym

Offering bodywork can be a great signal if going premium and upscale is part of your gym strategy. By offering such services, you’ll be telling that premium gym customer that your gym is for them. It’s a perfect promotion to attract and retain clients.

If you can’t bring on an in-house massage therapist, feel free to hire a contractor. Local massage therapists are often seeking new ways to fill their client book, just like you. 

#4 Hair Styling Sessions

Gym clients show up to get fit, but they also want to look the part. You can take your gym services to the next level by offering hair appointments before workout sessions. 

If clients walk into the gym and see their classmates or coaches getting styled before a session, they’ll be tempted to stop by the stylist’s chair. It creates a sense of camaraderie and fun for your clients. 

The hair sessions shouldn’t be complicated. (No one expects a full blowout before a Pilates class). But braided styles, buns, and ponytails can go a long way. Just remember that hair sessions are best before a workout session. Stylists may not want to work on sweaty hair. 

So, reach out to local salons or independent stylists to form a partnership. They can hand out branded goodies and business cards at the end of the session. So, you both leave with happy clients.

#5 Retreats 

People often identify with their favorite fitness regime, and sometimes they want to have big peak experiences where they take a week or long weekend off work and really level up their skills on a fitness-focused retreat. 

If you offer fantastic yoga classes, lifting classes, or other classes, you may already have a community that would want to go on a retreat with you or one of your teachers. 

Remember, a fitness retreat is like a vacation, so the destination and accommodations should sound fun as well as be a fantastic place to practice yoga, focus on those highly technical gym lifts, or whatever physical practice your retreat will be built around. 

Some fitness pros who focus on classes make a considerable portion of their yearly income on these retreats for their most committed students. 

what do customers want from a gym

The Bottom Line

A gym is more than a workout spot. It can be a hub for clients to create unforgettable experiences. With a few additional services, you can level up your gym and attract new clients. 

PocketSuite can help you manage all that new business. You can book appointments, bundle subscriptions, and sell products all in one place. It’s the perfect tool to grow your fitness business.