Podcast: What Does it Take to Get Thousands of Engaged Followers on Instagram?

< 1 min read • 26 February 2021

Episode #16

One billion people use Instagram every month. It has become an incredible tool for small businesses to build a pipeline of future clients if they know how to use it well.

On this episode, we share how independent professionals can start to develop engaged communities online, and what’s actually at stake if you’re not successful in doing this.

Here to help us master Instagram is Amanda Tress, fitness professional, influencer in the health and wellness industry, and CEO + Founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss. She talks about the business model of her fitness company, how she has grown her program from 11 people to over 100,000 people, and the role Instagram has played in this growth. She also shares the first few steps she took on Instagram to grow her following to 55,000 followers.