Podcast: Who are the Top Paid Freelancers?

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The nature of work has changed. Less people are working for companies and more are designing their own careers as freelancers. Why the big change? What are freelancers looking for that they can’t get at a regular job? How do big corporations feel about this trend? How do freelancers save for retirement and secure health insurance? What tools are freelancers using to help them run their business and become more productive? Also, Caitlin Pearce, the Executive Director of Freelancers Union, is here to share:

  • The state of freelancing in the US
  • Can people really make a good living as freelancers?
  • Who are the top paid freelancers?
  • What are the fastest growing freelance job categories?
  • Why a freelancer would want to belong to a group like the Freelancers Union