Podcast: How to Select a Business App That’s Right for You

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Episode #14

There are so many business apps and productivity tools for independent business owners these days. They range from business messaging and marketing apps to shopping and scheduling to payment and accounting apps to taxes and document signature/storage/management apps. How do you select the business apps that are right for you? We discuss:

  • Where to go to research business apps
  • Whether you should look for multiple apps or an all-in-one app
  • If businesses should be skeptical of free apps
  • Feedback for businesses that have opted out of using any technology to run their business

We also talk with Amad Ebrahimi, CEO and Founder of Merchant Maverick. Merchant Maverick helps make small business easier by providing online reviews, ratings, and comparisons for a large variety of small business products and services. Amad helps us understand:

  • How does MerchantMaverick help businesses?
  • How does MerchantMaverick pick which apps to review?
  • The main difference between 5 star apps and those that aren’t 5 stars
  • Online review industry trends, such as “pay to play” tactics that small businesses should be aware of