Podcast: How Square Changed the Game for Small Businesses

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Episode #10

It used to be a nightmare to set up your business to accept credit card payments. Now, it’s incredibly easy, and thankfully so because 90% of customers’ payments are coming in the form of credit and debit cards. If you don’t accept credit cards, it’s going to be difficult to grow.

On this episode, we walk you through how easy it is to set up credit card payment processing for your business. We answer:

  • What are the different options for how businesses can get setup to process payments?
  • What are the steps to setting up credit card payment processing?
  • What is the cost of accepting credit cards?
  • Are there fees?
  • What are the tradeoffs to accepting credit cards versus cash or check?
  • Are there any gotchas in accepting credit cards?
  • Are we liable for our customers credit card data?
  • What’s the deal with disputes and chargebacks?

Christina Reichers, the lead for Cash Flow Products at Square, joins us to share what Square saw in the market that led to the credit card revolution for SMBs, how a business can get set up with Square, who are good candidates for Square, and how businesses can determine which product is best for them.